Girlie weekend, amazing sushi and afternoon tea!


I was quite tired in the beginning of the second week in April, so after work on Monday and Tuesday I just stayed in, watched Grey’s Anatomy and went to bed early.


But on the Wednesday I had more energy, so I did some errands for work and myself. Couldn’t resist going into Whole Foods to buy Easter eggs when I was nearby.


In the evening I made cookie dough so it could chill in the fridge over night.


The next day I baked them so Therése, a dear friend from home visiting for the weekend, could have freshly baked cookies – that’s when they’re the best!


In the evening we went out for tapas at Rambla


…and afterwards we had a drink at Dean Street Townhouse nearby.


While Therése went shopping on the Friday I worked all day and so a night in seemed appropriate. For dinner we had small plates such as rösti with creme fraiche, red onions and bleak roe.


And baked camembert with saucisson, pears and baguette to dip.


As well as British asparagus, wild garlic mayo and calamari. Yum!


On the Saturday we went shopping in Covent Garden, and enjoyed all the spring flowers!


For lunch we had yummy burgers at Shake Shack (Therése’s first!) and afterwards we changed location and moved towards Oxford Street for some more shopping.



After a quick change of clothes we went out for sushi, which we both love, and we had such a lovely dinner I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a review soon!


After a sturdy breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancetta on the Sunday morning we went to V&A to see the amazing Dior exhibition. I have been before but it was wonderful seeing it a second time too!


Afterwards we went for a lovely afternoon tea (that I also want to tell you all about in a proper review!) and felt thoroughly spoilt! On our way home we popped into Liberty because I wanted to show Therèse this wonderful department store!


Back home I made dinner; this open crab lasagne I blogged about earlier this week, and a side salad to balance out all the rich food we had at the weekend. It was so much fun having my dear childhood friend here for what felt like a long sleepover, just filled with more shopping and eating out than we were little. SO MUCH FUN!

Pancakes, dinners at home and out and a Dior exhibition!


Last Monday I was tired after a lovely weekend in Norfolk, as we got back quite late on the Sunday night, so after work on Monday I had no energy to cook. Instead I ordered a lovely pizza from Pizza Pilgrims and had the leftovers for lunch the next day. Yay for takeaway!


Tuesday was Pancake Day and my dear boyfriend was in charge. He’s amazing at making pancakes so it’s becoming a tradition that he cooks pancakes galore for me on Shrove Tuesday. Last year I also introduced a Swedish treat; cream buns, but it was far too much so this year we kept it simple with just pancakes.


First we had some with savoury fillings, like ham and cheese and crispy pancetta and cheese – both very yummy, and then moved on to sweet toppings.


I love the traditional sugar and lemon so had to have one of those and then of course one with whipped cream, and as I know it would be my last one (I was so full by this stage) I went all out with both strawberry jam AND Nutella. So yummy! Afterwards we half laid on the sofa (sitting up was too difficult) watching Goliath, a new series we started. It’s so so good! Highly recommend it.


On Wednesday I med up with a friend after work. We had our heart set on sushi but ended up in Shake Shack instead (yum!!) and then went to a bar for drinks and a nicer ambiance to properly catch up.

Thursday I had a night in after doing some errands in wind and rain (always fun!).



On Friday night I made another three course dinner and we watched some more Goliath.


On Saturday I had a rare afternoon at home by myself without any plans or chores. So I read the new Living Etc magazine featuring Jenna Lyons amazing New York apartment and almost fell asleep! Then I got ready super slowly (love doing my makeup properly taking my time, but most of the time I only have a few minutes to slap it on) and then we went out for dinner.


Love our date nights and this time we had a lovely steak dinner and the most amazing pudding at Foxlow Soho (will do a proper writeup soon).


Sunday I met up with a friend to go to the Dior exhibition, using my brand new membership card to get us in. It was so dreamy and magical and just exceeded my (very high) expectations!


Afterwards we had cream tea and a catch up in the member’s area – such a lovely space.

Cinema, dim sum and a quiet weekend


It was winter in London towards the end of January. It snowed and it was biting cold, especially at night, so I stayed indoors as much as I could.

On the Tuesday I went down to The New Forest for work and the train was actually warm which was nice.

Wednesday was movie night with a burger and Mary Queen of Scots at the cinema. I liked it (very pretty scenery) but wasn’t blown away.



On Thursday night I met up with my friend Laura for some warming dim sum at Yauatcha. So yummy and nice!


The weekend was nice and relaxing. On the Friday night I ordered sushi and watched  Roman Holiday. Saturday I had a lie-in and went out for some shopping and errands. It wasn’t as cold anymore and so nice to be outside! On the Sunday I made nachos, watched the new episode of Suits and read my book in candle light. Love lighting candles when it’s dark outside!

Tacos, theatre and Sri Lankan food


The third week in January was another socially busy one. Monday night I met up with my dear friends Gaby and Ro for tacos and a catchup.



We met at Breddos Kingly Street and ordered up a storm; different types of tacos, tuna tostadas, crab quesadilla, queso and of course guacemole and tortilla chips.


Tuesday was theatre night and we started with an early supper at Terrace, one of the two restaurants in the National Theatre.


A few small plates to share and a glass of Prosecco later it was time for…


…Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra with Ralph Fiennes (!!) in the lead as Mark Antony. It really was a pinch me moment and I loved every second of it!


Wednesday I went down to The New Forest with work. Although it was a grey and rainy day seeing the animals walking around freely was like seeing sunshine. Love the nature there!


Thursday night I went for drinks with colleagues at Frog by Adam Handling where we tried lots of the snacks like crispy frog legs with dip, crab and kimchi bites and cheesy doughnuts. Yum!


Friday night I met up with my friend Daisy for dinner at Hoppers. I’ve been meaning to go for absolute ages and the queue always puts me off, but now that they have opened a second branch near Bond Street it’s much easier to get a table. Yay!


The work week was rather intense so all I wanted to do at the weekend was to take it easy. I slept late, made nice breakfasts, cosied up with scented candles and Netflix. It was absolutely heaven and so needed!

Summer is here!


FINALLY! It’s summer in London and I’m loving it. Plus it’s the World Cup and I’m of course supporting both Sweden and England. And soon Wimbledon starts too.


London summers are always busy, probably because we try to embrace every outdoor eating and drinking opportunity we can find this time of year! And that’s exactly what I embraced the past week.


On Tuesday it was lovely and sunny in the evening, so a friend and I had pre-dinner prosecco and snacks on the roof terrace. So lovely and something I hope to enjoy many more evenings this summer. As it was a work night and I hadn’t have much time to prep, I for once used shortcuts. Something I’m usually reluctant to do, but it was actually really nice to avoid the last minute scramble I usually have to endure to get a dinner going. Instead I turned to the supermarket for nibbles so all I did was take it out of it’s packaging, which meant I only had an easy main course and some whipping to do. Amazing!



The main course was a proper Spaghetti Carbonara (will post the recipe soon) served with a simple green salad, and for pudding I made Eton Mess with store-bought meringues.

On Thursday two colleagues invited me along to a work event so it was networking, champagnes and canapés all evening (part of it outside!).


On Friday I met up with Gaby and Rowena for an al fresco dinner at Ham Yard Hotel. So lovely. Eventually it got cold but then we moved inside to a comfortable table with a sofa.


Saturday and Sunday were more relaxed; I could catch up on chores and sleep. Had time for face masks (very important), sunbathing on the roof terrace, watching the football and a nice long walk at dusk. Oh, and a trip to the cinema. I feel thoroughly recharged and ready for the next few busy weeks until I go home to Sweden at the end of July.

Ah, summer is here!

How is it June already?! I so want to hit the pause button (at least the days that are sunny!) so the summer can last even longer. Summer is without a doubt my favourite time of year. Finally I can be outside without being cold and wear dresses (without tights!) every day.



Last week was a bit uneventful on the social side (although much needed) so instead the weekend was a busy and fun one!


It was gorgeous weather on Friday and after work I could enjoy the setting sun while playing crazy golf and sipping on rosé. Once it got darker we headed indoors and had lots of steak and red wine for dinner.



Saturday started with my favourite past-time; a lie-in and scrambled eggs for breakfast, followed by quite a long walk in beautiful Richmond Park. We saw deer, swans, squirrels and the rather exotic parakeets that reside there.


But the best part was the view from King Henry’s Mound, and the ice cream we got nearby!


In the evening a friend invited us round for a BBQ and in typical British fashion we sat outside despite the light rain, which luckily didn’t last long. The menu was perfect burgers and sausages, salad and ice cold rosé followed by berries and ice cream.


Sunday was a day of chores and getting ready for the week ahead, and in the evening I finally started watching the third season of Broadchurch. SO good!



Almost spring (?) and visitors from home!


The past week was full-on busy but in a good way! I made sure to celebrate pancake day in both a British and Swedish manner.


There were savoury pancakes (with cheddar, pancetta, chives and avocado for example) and sweet ones (with nutella, whipped cream and raspberries) and of course a Swedish cream bun (fastlagsbulle) from Swedish bakery Bageriet.


On Thursday my dear friends Maria and Daniel and their two children arrived in London so I met up with them in the evening for a quick burger at Fire Station and a catch up.

On Friday after work we met up again for a longer dinner at Tredwells, which was as child friendly as I had hoped. In fact all places we ate at were very child friendly.


On Saturday Maria and I left Daniel to look after the kids while we went to the V&A and the fabulous Balenciaga exhibition. I’ve wanted to see it since it came on ages ago, and am so happy I managed to see it just before it ended.


Afterwards we treated ourselves to some cupcakes at Hummingbird bakery, a little tradition of ours.

In the evening it got cold (compared to 10C and sunshine during the day) so it was perfect with dinner in the cosiest of pubs, complete with dogs (and dog treats), a fire place and comfort food.


Yesterday we had a nice relaxed lunch at Whyte & Brown in Kingly Court before we hit the shops on Regent Street and Carnaby Street and even ventured into Hamleys (phew).

It was so lovely to spend so much time with my lovely friends! It’s far more relaxed when my friends come here than when I go home and try to make time for everyone. Such a treat!