Nights in, lots of cooking and Fleetwood Mac concert!


As I’m writing this I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac and reminiscing about Sunday’s lovely concert, but first things first – let’s start from the beginning.

Last Monday was a real write off, as I was ill in bed the whole day, either with a stomach virus but more likely food poisoning from the burger I had the night before. Luckily it was over quickly but takes its toll on you. I couldn’t do much at all, but Madam Secretary kept me company while I was just willing for my body to get better. In the evening I felt a little better and managed a shower which felt like a huge achievement (and the only thing I had accomplished that day) and late in the evening I felt well enough to eat again. And ordered pizza. Maybe not standard procedure but it worked for me. My body was screaming for carbs and fat and I ate it slowly. It worked and I felt so much better afterwards!

Tuesday morning I was still drained but could work from home and took it easy in general. Dinner was the leftover pizza from the night before.


Wednesday evening I made a simple supper of store-bought mushroom ravioli topped with fried mushrooms, heaps of parmesan and a little brown butter. So yummy and a perfect shortcut without compromising on quality.

On the Thursday I went to The New Forest for work. It rained (of course!) but seeing the semi wild animals always cheers me up!

Friday night we had a cosy night in, and it was lovely to see my boyfriend again after he’d been away on a trip. I made an easy three course meal for us which we drank with prosecco while chatting away. After dinner we watched Billions and US open.


On Saturday we had a cooked breakfast consisting of duck eggs (to change it up), toast, pancetta and orange juice. I spent most of the day in the kitchen baking and cooking.



In the evening we had lots of nice tapas, and watched the 3D film Gravity, which was super tense but also really good!



On Sunday we slept in, had another nice breakfast and then went round to my boyfriend’s sister and her family for a quick visit before we went back home to eat a late lunch (tapas leftovers) before heading to Wembley and the Fleetwood Mac concert! It was brilliant and we had such a nice time!

Nights in, gyros and cinema


Last week wasn’t the best. But it started off well with eggs for breakfast (love a cooked breakfast on the Monday, it makes the weekend seem longer).


In the evening I stayed in, made myself a nice salad and garlic bread for dinner and watched Chernobyl, which is amazing and scary in equal measures. Highly recommend it!

On Tuesday I woke up with a terrible headache and it didn’t lift all day despite what I did. So I watched a film in bed (Frost/Nixon) and had an early night hoping sleep spilld help.


Unfortunately it didn’t go away, so I took it easy the following evenings too. Watched Sex and the City in bed and ordered gyros (have finally found a good place!). I did the exact same on Thursday night (even ordered the same food) but finally started to feel a bit better then so could also read How to Dress that I bought a while ago.


I finally felt better on Friday and ventured outside to get some fresh air and to go to the cinema. I saw Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling, which was nice and lighthearted but still had a little depth.


On Saturday I had a lie-in, read Vogue and really enjoyed just having time off, no plans and that I was feeling better. I did some errands and went to the cinema again, this time watching Booksmart, which was nice and entertaining!

I took it easy on Sunday too, as I felt my body needed some more rest. The last few weeks (maybe longer) has been quite full-on with weekends away and lots of plans and as I slowed down this week my body told me to stop. It’s just so annoying I got a terrible headache already after I had started to slow down, but maybe it was too little too late. Even though I find it really difficult to find that balance I do try and I’m slowly getting better at it, even though I often fail, but I used to push on even more so in a way I also have to be proud of how far I’ve come. I still have far to go, and achieving balance while living in a city like London with things to do all the time might be near impossible, but I’d still like to try.

Nights in, cinema and concert!


Monday last week was a bank holiday, so lovely! I started the day with a lie-in and toast with Nutella for breakfast while somebody was away playing golf. So indulgent with Nutella, but that’s what weekends (and ball holidays) are for, right?!


For lunch we had leftover pancakes with whipped cream and blueberries before going to the park to play with my boyfriend’s nieces.


Back home I made roast chicken, roasted vegetables, Greek-is salad and tzatziki for dinner and we saw the last ever episode of Big Bang Theory (sob) – can’t believe it’s been going for 12 years! And an episode of Billions.


The next day I was in complete denial about the work week and made a cooked breakfast before work!


In the evening I had a quiet evening in front of Now TV (Sky’s streaming service) with Chernobyl (great series!!) and The Rookie. For dinner I made an almost-poke-bowl, which I often cook if it’s just me for dinner.


On Wednesday evening I had leftovers for dinner; tzatziki, feta and salad from the weekend, meatballs from the freezer and some freshly made potato wedges. Instead of watching TV I caught up on some of my favourite podcasts (Swedish Säker Stil and Bad on Paper) and read.


Thursday evening was book club night at Anna’s who was a terrific hostess feeding us lovely vegetarian food!


Even though it was a short work week it felt really long, so on Friday we celebrated with burgers and cinema. We saw Rocketman which I really enjoyed, apart from maybe the ending which was a bit meh.


We had a lovely lie-in on Saturday followed by a cooked breakfast. Then I went shopping for a baby present before heading across town (literally) to the Olympic Park for a concert with Muse.


We had burgers (again) in the sun at Shake Shack before heading into the stadium, but they actually had lots of food options there too.


The concert was amazing (my first time seeing Muse) and we had such a fun evening. But it was a long day as it took us ages to get back to our side of London.


Sunday we had another cooked breakfast (needed after the night before – we walked so much!) before we went to visit my boyfriend’s sister and her family. We played with the children and cuddled their new baby girl!



In the evening I made an easy chicken gratin with rice and before that we had a burrata salad with tomatoes and basil (can’t get enough of that right now!) and watched the latest episode of Billions before heading to bed.

Quiet week, date night and a Sunday walk


Last week was nice weather-wise and it finally felt like late spring, early summer. So lovely to walk around in a skirt without being cold!

I started the week with a night in on Monday. I watched Station 19 (a new discovery for me) and went to bed early.


The next night I was too tired to cook properly so made my favourite spinach dip and called that dinner.


On the Wednesday night I was supposed to have dinner with two girl friends but it got cancelled so I did some errands and made myself fish tacos instead.


The next day I took the train down to the New Forest for work and stayed for the day. Back in London again that evening I made my favourite fast food: rösti with creme fraîche, lumpfish roe and chopped red onions. It’s really speedy and perfect after a whole day away with trains, delays and traffic jams.


On the Friday I did some errands and stayed in with Shake Shack and Netflix. A whole (work) week at home is rather rare for me, but it was a real treat and definitely needed!


Despite the quiet week I thoroughly enjoyed my lie-in on Saturday and a morning of taking it easy. I had breakfast and chatted to my best friend for a good hour – such a treat! In the evening we had date night at Trinity and ate so many yummy things that we could have rolled all the way home.



Sunday lie-in followed by tea in bed and brunch at home with American pancakes, crispy pancetta, blueberries and obscene amounts of butter and maple syrup. YUM!


Then we went for a walk on Wimbledon Common and made friends with several goslings, a heron and some squirrels. It’s amazing how close to nature you are in London.


After our walk we did the most of the weather (it wasn’t raining) and had a glass of rosé  in a cosy beer garden before we went back home and watched an amazing wild life documentary in 3D.


I made delicious shrimp rolls for dinner and afterwards we watched the super tense film A Quiet Place. Brilliant film!



Dinner out, nights in and a weekend in the country!


Last Monday was a regular work day. Monday is definitely not my favourite day of the week but this one was made better with burrata left overs for lunch.


For dinner I made an omelette with ham, cheese and mushroom. Such a great way to clear out the fridge and get a healthy supper at the same time!


The rest of the evening I took it easy reading the book club book.


Tuesday was a busy work day and I had to run for my dinner date with my friend Lotta visiting from Sweden. We had a lovely catch up at Temper Covent Garden and we sat outside even though it was a bit cold. So Swedish of us, haha.



Wednesday evening I took it easy at home and read Reese Witherspoons book Whiskey in a Teacup. Such a sweet book!


The next day I packed for the weekend, had a poke bowl for dinner and I got completely hooked on Station 19 (a spin-off to Greys Anatomy that I discovered that night). Love easy watching series!

On Friday we ordered pizza from our favourite Franco Manca before we drove north to Northamptonshire. On Saturday we did a lot of gardening during the day and in the evening we were invited to a dinner party.


Sunday we did some more gardening and then sat in front of the fire in the evening before driving back to London late in the evening to avoid the worst of the traffic.


Short week, cinema and Sunday roast



I love short work weeks! Last week was short because of the early May bank holiday. And it was so nice to have an extra day in Northamptonshire. In the evening I made spaghetti carbonara for dinner before going back to London late that evening.


Tuesday was a regular work day and in the evening I just took it easy at home. the next evening I met up with friends and ex colleagues for drinks, snacks and a catch up.


On the Thursday I worked in the New Forest all day and was too tired to cook when I got home so ordered takeaway for dinner.


The Friday was also chilled out; after work I made broccoli cheese for dinner and then I went to the cinema (haven’t been for ages) and saw Long Shot.



On the Saturday I had a lovely lie-in, did some chores at home and stayed in all day because it was raining so hard. The weather got better in the evening so I went up to the roof terrace to get some air. I had cheese and charcuterie for dinner and had a TV night. First I watched one episode of Tin Star (it’s sooo good but very intense) followed by Darkest Hour.


On Sunday the weather was better so we had a Sunday roast and rosé at a cosy pub before hitting the driving range. In the evening I cooked supper and we caught up on Billions (love that series!).


Brunswick House and a long weekend in Northamptonshire


The end of April, beginning of May the weather was all sorts again. But we’ll persevere and hope summer is around the corner.

The Monday that week was a typical Monday with work and a quiet night in. The fridge was still empty (apart from all the Swedish food I brought back but sadly I couldn’t make up a supper from cinnamon buns, cheese and fish roe) so I ordered a poke bowl. If I don’t order a burger I usually order this, as it’s something I would cook myself when I have the ingredients.


On Tuesday we went up to the roof terrace of my building for a gin and tonic while watching the sun set over London. Afterwards we walked over the river to dinner at beautiful Brunswick House. We had the house cured pancetta and bread to start followed by the gorgeous côte de boeuf to share.

Wednesday evening I packed by weekend bag again while watching The Rookie. I’m quite liking this new Nathan Fillion series. The next evening we drove north to Northamptonshire where we had a nice dinner of steak and dauphinoise potatoes on arrival.


I worked remotely on the Friday (which made the weekend – because it was a bank holiday weekend – seem really long!) and in the evening we drove to Market Harborough to have a look around and we found this chocolatier with the most amazing hot chocolate, I will tell you more about later. In the evening I made potato salad with asparagus and wild garlic pesto that we ate with grilled chicken.



Saturday we did some gardening (we were here to help with that!) and I made asparagus with hollandaise sauce followed by lamb shank with potato mash and peas for dinner,  which we ate in front of the fire and afterwards we watched The Greatest Showman.

We did more gardening on the Sunday and in the evening we went out for dinner but it wasn’t very good so I didn’t take a single picture (!). We still had a lovely evening and watched Billions and drank wine when we got back.