Nights in, dinners out and a weekend in Norfolk


Last week started with three nights at home. So lovely and much needed. I went to bed early, read a good book and watched a new cosy series called New Amsterdam. Love a hospital drama!

On the Thursday night it was a friend’s birthday dinner at Joe’s Brasserie and we had such a fun night!



IMG_5710.jpegOn Friday afternoon we drove up to Norfolk for the weekend. We had a date night dinner at cosy The White Horse and the next day we went for a long walk on the beach and met a seal.


In the evening we had a friend staying over and we went to the local pub for dinner. The next day the boys played golf in the rain while I read indoors, and after their game we all had lunch together at the club house. In the afternoon we cosied up on the sofa and watched the last two episodes of True Detective season 3. Loved it! In the evening we drove back to London.


Quiet weeknights and a weekend away!


Last week was just what the doctor ordered; quiet evenings followed by a weekend by the seaside.


I can’t remember the last time I had four days in a row without plans in the evenings, and I fully enjoyed it. And realised I need to do less during the weeks. I was too tired to cook most days but made a big batch of pasta one night that lasted a few days.

Other than packing my bag for the weekend (not an easy task with a weather forecast promising everything from sunshine to rain and cold temperatures) I just watched TV, had early nights and took it easy.



Then on Friday I finished work early and took the train to Norfolk. The weekend consisted of walks along the beach (we saw seals!!), some outings in the rain, nice food, some baking and just hanging out. So lovely and nice! And with Monday being a bank holiday the work week this week is a short one! 🙂

Dinner with the girls and a weekend in Norfolk

BA chicken3.jpg

This past week was just lovely. I had a few evenings to myself but also had a wonderful dinner with Ro and Gaby one night. Ro cooked this really yummy chicken dish with mustard and panko breadcrumbs – recipe here – and we had a lovely time chatting and drinking prosecco.


Gaby brought pudding; amazing doughnuts from Crosstown Doughnuts! We tried three different ones and they were all yummy (yuzu & passionfruit; cinnamon and raspberry) but I think the winner was the raspberry one.


On Friday night I went up to Norfolk for the weekend and had such a lovely time walking on the beach, breathing in the (very) fresh air and just taking it easy.


The countryside there actually looks a lot like the part of Sweden I’m from so I felt right at home, although the beaches here were even wider. It was so nice to be in the countryside and lower the pace for a bit.


And eat nice food in cosy country pubs and have fish and chips by the beach. Now, it’s back to the real world, but that’s quite nice too!

A different Midsummer – Wyndstock

Copy of IMG_0449

While my friends and family back in Sweden ate pickled herring and drank several aquavit I celebrated midsummer in a more British way. Together with my friends Gaby and Laura I went to Houghton Hall in Norfolk to attend Wyndstock –  The Country House Party.


When I arrived on Friday evening my friends were already there, so they showed be around and we had some wine in the bar tent and enjoyed the bonfire. Then off to bed only to be woken up by torrential rain and we found out the hard way that the tent we had hired from the organisers was not waterproof. Luckily the weather improved, tents were repaired and we actually got a new (waterproof) tent for the second night.


On Saturday after breakfast we went on a tour with the game keeper in the deer park which was quite the sight.


At midday we got to go into the house and look at the new exhibition Houghton Revisited. For the first time since Catherine the Great bought Robert Walpole’s (the first British prime minister) art collection it has been returned – on loan – to Houghton Hall where he used to live. 


After lunch (a nice paella with chicken, chorizo, squid, prawns and mussels)…



… we had tea and cakes. People from the local parish sold baked goods they had baked themselves. It was quite the spread! 


We had a lovely cheese scone to share and a cake slice each. Gaby had glutenfree carrot cake and Laura and I had a delicious chocolate cake with both cream and frosting.


In the evening dinner was served either at 7pm or 9pm, we had the earlier slot and although it was well organised we were pretty disappointed by the food. The starter was just about OK, the maincourse dreadful but the brownie for pudding was actually delicious. We still managed to dance until pretty late and watch the fire works. And it was so nice with a dry night’s sleep. On Sunday we left after breakfast to get back to London for afternoon. Despite the weather I had a great time and although Saturday supper was pretty bad the food was otherwise quite nice and everything was very well organised.