Sunshine, Cinema and a Weekend in Norfolk!


The last week of November was a good one! Monday’s are never my favourite day of the week, but with comfort food in the shape of frankfurters and leftover homemade mash, it was not bad.


Tuesday I had my hair cut after work and treated myself to Shake Shack when I got home. And finished the evening with a few episodes of the latest season of Bosch.


Wednesday was lovely and sunny and I took the train down to The New Forest for work. So nice to see the sun again, I didn’t even mind the cold train!


I had forgotten lunch, but had at least remembered to bring snacks, so Pom Bears and a Snickers was my very nutritious midday meal.


Thursday I went to the cinema after work and found some pretty lights amongst all the commotion on Leicester Square. The film I saw was Last Christmas which was sweet (but a bit unexpected too!).


Friday night we drove to Norfolk to spend the weekend there but had dinner at East Putney Tavern first. I had roast chicken with all the sides (fries, Mac ‘n cheese, salad) – yum!



The next day the sun was shining again and I loved sitting at the golf club reading for a while. Such a lovely view!



After that we had a lovely lunch at The Victoria Inn in Holkham. I had mussels and the boyfriend had pheasant! Really lovely and cosy place!


The plan was to go for a walk along the beach after lunch but it was already dark so we only did a short walk. But so pretty seeing the sun setting over the horizon.


After tea and Pointless we had dinner at The Ship and I started with one of my favourite things; Norfolk oysters!


Followed by steak with fries and peppercorn sauce.


The breakfast the next morning was lovely too!


I stayed for lunch too and had fresh prawns with aioli and grilled bread. Yum!


Another lovely beach sunset but too windy and cold for a proper walk.


So we went inside and warmed up with blankets and cups of tea. And watched Killing Eve!


And before we went back to London I cooked us dinner. Roast chicken, roasted new potatoes, broccoli and gravy!

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