Theatre, Friends and Lots of Cooking!


If I never had to visit a shop, especially a supermarket, ever again, I would be very happy! I love shopping online (especially groceries) and this week I tried a new service called Chop Chop where you can order up to 25 items from the supermarket and have them delivered within the hour. So good when it’s pouring down with rain or you don’t have time to go out.


This was my first shop; cleaning products, kitchen roll and some fresh stuff for supper during the week. Such a great service! This is not sponsored – I’m just a very happy customer and wanted to spread the word. I first heard of Ocado Zoom but they don’t deliver in my area, only West London, but I discovered that both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have equivalent services. I love Waitrose in general but Sainsbury’s had a better selection of products for my area so that’s how I ended up using it.


Monday supper: chicken thigh fillet, potato wedges, tzatziki and Greek-ish salad. I eat this year round – so yummy!


For pudding I tried the dark Geisha chocolate I brought home from Sweden and loved it!


Tuesday after work I went to see my friend Laura and her baby and cooked a three course meal for her and her mother who was visiting. We had prosecco and chatted and it was such a lovely evening! The first course was my favourite mushroom toast (but with mixed wild mushrooms instead of just girolles) and they loved it too.


Next I made pasta carbonara with tagliatelle (that’s how I prefer it!) as a new mother needs her carbs.


For pudding I made the simplest one I know; Gino with banana, kiwi and raspberries with vanilla ice cream.

Wednesday I did some errands after work and just took it easy the rest.


Thursday I had yoghurt with kiwi and honey for breakfast. Love kiwi fruit and they’re such a good source of vitamin C.


For lunch I made a poke bowl, that I was supposed to make the night before but didn’t feel like it for some reason. I do love this though! So yummy!


In the evening we had burgers and went to The National Theatre to see Hansard which was so so good. Amazing acting, great story and just wonderful all around. Highly recommend it!


On Friday I had a feta wrap with tomatoes, avocado and spring onions (anything that needed to be used up basically). Love how literally ANYTHING in a wrap makes a meal. So useful!


For dinner I made orecchiette with salsiccia, although I couldn’t actually find salsiccia so used sausage meat and added plenty of fennel seeds. It worked quite well but the real deal is definitely better.


For pudding we had vanilla ice cream with wafers and homemade butterscotch sauce. So simple and so yummy!


Saturday we had poached eggs and pancetta for breakfast followed by…


… brioche French toast with berries. Love breakfast/brunch at the weekend!


For dinner we had pan con tomate and a new burrata dish with girolles to start (will post the recipe soon!).


And poussins with dauphinoise potatoes, jus and broccoli for our main course. So good, but no room left for pudding!



I spent Sunday with friends in the countryside and made pork fillet with girolles when I came back and for pudding we had blackberry cake with lightly whipped cream.

Nights in, dinners out and a country weekend!


The third week in October wasn’t my best, at least not the beginning of the week when I wasn’t feeling well. But I worked from home, rested as much as I could and looked after myself. I even managed to cook a few easy things, like this taco salad I had for dinner on the Monday night. I also started a new series; City on a Hill which I thought was really good.


Tuesday was pretty much the same but I used the leftover taco mince to make enchiladas for dinner. But the best thing was that I got my new iPhone!


I felt a little bit better on Wednesday and had dinner with my friend Gaby as planned. We went to The Stokehouse near Victoria and I had a really nice shor trib while Gaby had lamb belly. Really good!


On Thursday my friend Anna and her daughter came to visit so I had dinner with the at The Orange. We both had a really lovely pizza with mortadella, fior de latte and pistachios. Lovely evening!

The next day I took the train north for a weekend in the country. We had some train problems and were delayed but I arrived just in time for dinner.


It was gorgeous autumn weather the next day and after a lovely lunch of baked potatoes, cheese and ham (and butter of course!) we all put our wellies on and went for a walk across the fields.



It was so lovely to see the sheep and the pretty autumnal colours of the trees.


When we got back we had tea and cake (that I had made) outside by the fire pit which was just lovely.

In the evening we had drinks and jamon Iberico (my favourite!) by the fire place indoors followed by a lovely dinner.



On Sunday, after the rugby, we had a lovely lunch of roast chicken, roast potatoes, gravy and vegetables followed by apple crumble with cream and ice cream. So lovely!


I stayed until the evening and spent most of the day reading by the fire or playing with the children.

Rainy days, a facial and lots of yummy food!


The second week of October was rather rainy, but I still had a (mostly) nice week with lots of nice food!


On Monday I was craving toast with cheese and jam (a very Swedish thing!) so that’s what I had for breakfast.


Apart from that I mainly had leftovers. Carrot cake left overs (yum!) and roast chicken and roast potatoes leftovers. Love not having to cook on a Monday. Getting up early(ier) and a full day of work is enough.


On Tuesday I had my favourite mozzarella, tomatoes and avocado salad for lunch.


And after an afternoon of work errands I treated myself to a poké bowl and watched a film I missed at the cinema; On the Basis of Sex about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


The next day I whipped up a quick pasta with mozzarella for lunch…


…and in the evening we had Franco Manca pizzas in front of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Thursday I made tortilla pizza for lunch, did more errands and had drinks and nibbles with friends in the evening.


Friday I worked from The New Forest the whole day, and it was so rainy I got completely soaked walking a mere 500 meters with and umbrella. Crazy! But after a quick change of clothes I was happy again and had bruschetta bar with burrata, tomatoes, pesto and Hamon Iberico for dinner. The best!


On Saturday I braved the rain again after a nice long lie-in, and had a facial in Liberty.


Back home I made buffalo chicken wings for dinner and just took it easy.


On Sunday I had breakfast in bed and read for most of the day.


It was still raining so I made sure to stay indoors. I watched the last ever episode of Elementary (sob) and tried to watch The Pursuit if Happyness but had to give up halfway through and instead watched Footloose. It was definitely better but not as good as I had expected it to be. Isn’t it funny how some films were considered good when they were made and don’t really work years later?!

London: Trinity years later

Most of  you long time readers will remember that I used to eat at a restaurant local to me in Clapham when I lived around there; Trinity, A LOT several years ago. I loved that restaurant so much. I had the best ever risotto there and their bread is to die for. I’ve taken most friends there, my parents and have many happy food memories from this lovely place.

But as I moved a way from the area I got other good local restaurants to try out and I didn’t make it back. Then it was closed for refurbishment for a long time and a while ago now it opened up its doors again, with an additional more informal restaurant upstairs, and they got a Michelin star for the downstairs restaurant.

So pretty much everything has changed, but I was still very curious to go back and try the new Trinity (still with head chef and founder Adam Byatt at the helm) and see how it compared to the restaurant I forever keep in my memories.


What I noticed first was how the space has changed. The address is the same and the building looks the same from outside but the layout inside is very different with an open kitchen and a more austere decor. It’s more modern and a little less cosy. But I definitely like the open kitchen!

The dining experience has changed too; from a semi upscale neighbourhood restaurant to more of a fine dining experience. But it’s still not stuffy, which I like, and the waiters are all lovely and relaxed while keeping it professional.


We got two amuse bouche to start and they were both delicious! The little tartlets with pea and parmesan were utterly delicious and the little cigars with olives were nice too!


The menu has changed too, from three courses to an optional four, but we asked if we could do three each (as I know how full you get here!) and stagger them as we were sharing everything. It was no problem at all, so we shared a first course, two second courses, two third courses and one pudding! That was the perfect amount for us (I was sooo full!) especially with all the added things like amuse bouches and petit fours. I could only take tiny bites of the last sweets which felt like a waste!

But back to the savoury dishes. The tuna tartare with apple and almonds was really lovely. The fish was just perfectly cooked and the mellow flavours accompanied it really well.


Next we had pasta with langoustines and petit pit which was really nice, but it tasted completely different to how I had pictured it in my head. More earthy than light. But still nice.


The warm Norfolk asparagus with smoked beurre blanc (we went here before the summer so it was totally seasonal!) however was the star of the show. Please put this back on the menu next year and I’ll be there! LOVED it! We both did.


For the third course we had one of the specials which was the glazed lamb sweet breads with more petit poi and lardon. Really nice!


But this was the winner! Wild sea trout with cucumber and white burgundy. Such delicate lovely flavours. Love!


And for pudding we had another cracker; their salted caramel tart with salted caramel ice cream, because there is no such thing as too much salted caramel. And wow, it was AMAZING! Just perfect in every way.


We also had a nice bottle of British wine which I think it’s worth telling you about. I love getting introduced to interesting wines in restaurant and this was was quite different but so lovely (and at a good price too!).


Then the petit fours came pouring in and I had to take a little breather. We were so slow but also greedy and wanted to eat it all. Lovely little almond cakes.


As well as macarons and truffles. So generous and although I’m sometimes too full to fully appreciate them I love these little extra touches. You feel so well looked after and it elevates the dinner a lot!

So the verdict? I like both old and new Trinity. I’m sure I will be nostalgic about old Trinity for quite a while, but I like this new version too. And I can’t wait to try the upstairs bit which might be similar to the old vibe as it’s supposed to me more casual. Only one way to find out! Race you there!

Trinity, 4 The Polygon, Clapham, London SW4 0JG

Book club, theatre and a cosy weekend!


The first week of October was rather nice, despite all the rain. But we had a few nice days as well.

Monday consisted of work and a night in as usual. I made pasta with creme fraîche, fried chorizo and parmesan for dinner and started watching Instinct season 2. Love that series. Very crime light without being boring.


Tuesday was book club night and although it poured down with rain on the way to my friend’s place it was lovely to see the girls and eat and chat and drink wine. Love our gang!

On the Wednesday I finished a really good book; Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. So wonderful and sad. Love her books!


Thursday was a fun night out! First dinner at (the original) The Ivy before we went to see  Come From Away, a lovely musical based on the true story of all the aeroplanes being redirected from the New York air space to a small island in Newfoundland in Canada during 9/11. So touching and heartfelt and unlike any other musical I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend! Afterwards we had a quick drink in a fun bar before calling it a. night.


Friday night was fairly quiet. We had a last minute change of plan so for dinner I emptied the fridge and made really yummy, but the simplest version ever, nachos. Later on at my boyfriend’s place we watched an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale before bed. So rock ‘n roll!




The next morning we had a lovely long lie in followed by eggs for breakfast. We just had a chilled day that didn’t involve much more than a trip to the supermarket and a nice dinner in the evening. I made this lovely pasta dish (with burrata!) and churros for pudding. So yummy!



Sunday also started with a lie-in and eggs. Then I quickly made a carrot cake before we went to see the The Downton Abbey film.


For dinner we had roast chicken with roast potatoes, broccoli cheese, parsnips and gravy. And we watched some more of  The Handmaid’s Tale. Such a lovely cosy weekend. I would have liked a nice walk but it was raining the whole weekend so it was nicer to hibernate indoors.

Nights in, cosy weekend and finally nailed a recipe!


September’s last week gave us nice weather, at least a few of the days.


I stayed in on Monday evening, finished the book The Glass Ocean by one of my favourite authors and two others (it’s fiction but based around the true story of the RMS Lusitania that was sunk by German submarines during WWI) and had a chicken burger with cheese and grilled peppers for dinner. Proper comfort food!


On Tuesday I had a caprese salad with burrata for lunch while it poured down with rain outside. But towards the evening it was nice again so I decided to do some errands.


Wednesday was nice and sunny, and fairly warm for September. I worked as usual in the day and in the evening I finally nailed the recipe for my lasagne. It was so so good, and we both loved it (as you know I don’t cook elaborate or time consuming things just for me anymore).


The next day I had lots of work errands during the day, but stayed in in the evening, lighting candles and eating crisps. Yum!



On the Friday I went down to The New Forest for work and when I came back tired in the evening I had the ultimate indulgent supper for one; baked camembert! Which I ate while watching Saturday Night Fever. Love that there are so many old films available on Netflix!


Saturday I had a nice long lie-in, tidied my wardrobe, did errands (they never end do they?!), bought lots of fun makeup, had a very late lunch out on my own and then a late sushi dinner with two friends. So lovely! Especially since we’re practically neighbours and could walk to and from the restaurant together.

Sunday I took it super easy. Read in bed, had lasagne leftovers for dinner and watched another (old) film; The Terminal with Tom Hanks. Really good!



Picnic, black tie party and concert!


The second week of September we had quite nice weather. An Indian summer almost. But even so a Monday is still a Monday and I just stayed in after work. Read a new book by one of my favourite authors and just took it easy.


Tuesday I had caprese with burrata for lunch and it made me so happy it was salad weather again!


In the evening we had dinner at Green Room before we went to the Margaret Atwood talk at The National Theatre. She was of course amazing, and so were the three actresses reading chapters from her new book!



The following day I went to The New Forest for work during the day and had my Pret lunch by my desk as usual.



Back in London in the evening I met up with a friend for impromptu cocktails and pizza. So fun!


Thursday I switched up my caprese salad a bit and added avocado – so yummy!


As it was a glorious day I took the opportunity to do work errands AND enjoy my first and only frappe this summer.


In the evening I made a really quick supper, consisting of cheese filled tortellini and fried mushrooms from the freezer. Super speedy and yummy! I also watched the first episode of a new series that seems promising; The Loudest Voice.



On Friday I made some puff pastry slices topped with prosciutto and tomatoes as a starter and then made our favourite prawn pasta, but without the mushrooms.


Saturday started with a lie-in and a cooked breakfast, as usual.


And then we decided to have a little picnic in the park so we could enjoy the gorgeous weather!


In the evening we went to a fun black tie party by the river and we got to sip champagne while taking in this view and sunset. A good start indeed.




But we also had our faces painted by a really talented artist and enjoyed a hog roast followed by an ice cream of your choice! Such a great evening!


Another lie in and another cooked breakfast on the Sunday before we got ready.


We shared a pizza for lunch before heading east, using several different modes of transport.


First the tube, then the DLR and then this cable car that I hadn’t tried before. Not the fastest route to the O2 but definitely the most fun!


Then we had dinner at Gaucho, enjoying steak, fries and red wine.



Next we had some drinks in the Sky Backstage bar while waiting for the concert to start.



We saw Muse for a second time this year and as this concert was smaller it was a bit more intimate, but I loved both concerts equally. And the new album is so good!!


Back home we had toast and hot chocolate before bed to unwind after a pretty full on but amazing weekend!