And the winner is…


Two weeks ago I announced a giveaway on the blog in collaboration with Inntravel. The competition ended at midnight and it is now time to announce the winner!

As you can see here, a random winner was picked by and it is…. *drum whirl* LYLA! You are the proud winner of a fabulous My Sweden kit and a guide book to West Sweden! Congratulations!!  You will be contacted by email shortly.

Thank you all for taking part!


What I miss from Sweden and a **GIVEAWAY**


When people ask me if I miss Sweden my answer is always no. I mean, I love Sweden and my family and friends there but they aren’t that far away and with the invention of Skype and Viber they don’t feel further away than if I lived in a different city back in Sweden.

Of course I can miss my family and friends once in a while but they are only a phone call away, so what I end up missing the most are things like triple glazing windows, mixing taps and less bureaucracy. And food of course.

Pearl sugar, mjukost, PICK ‘N MIX, cheese doodles, crispbread, crayfish…. The list is long. So when Inntravel contacted me for a possible collaboration about what I miss from Sweden to promote their trips to Sweden, it was too good to turn down.

I received a My Sweden Kit last week, consisting of typical Swedish food products that one miss when living away from home. It contained crispbread, a spice blend, O’Boy (chocolate drink mix which brings back childhood memories), sauce packets, mjukost, a soft flavoured cheese (sounds weird I know but it’s nice), chocolate balls (YUM!), pick ‘n mix (hurrah), chocolate pudding mix (you just add milk, another childhood favourite), dip mix, Anna’s ginger bread (again yum) and lots of chocolate (score).

Some of these items are definitely things I miss, like the pick ‘n mix (Britain is just not a contender in this field), chocolate, crispbread, cheese and chocolate balls. Other items like the sauce packets and spice blend I’ve never actually used and as a food blogger and decent cook I’ve never had the need for them, but I realise that lots of other people like these short cuts. The two sauces are real classics in Sweden; cream sauce which we serve with meatballs, boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam and bearnaise sauce that we even eat on pizzas.

Inntravel also want to treat one of you, my dear readers, to the same My Sweden Kit of goodies I received as well as a Guide Book to West Sweden. So if you are a Swede (or Scandinavian) away from home or someone who would simply like to try some Swedish food, this is your chance.

Simply click on THIS LINK to enter the competition! You have until midnight on Wednesday 1st October GMT to participate. A winner will be announced the following day. Good luck!

NB: This is a post in collaboration with Inntravel.