A weekend in Skåne, Sweden


Last weekend I went home to Sweden to attend my friends Helena and Johan’s wedding. It was a great weekend and even the weather was great (mostly) and although it was a flying visit it was so worth being tired on Monday morning after a weekend like this.


Apart from the fun wedding with the wedding ceremony, drinks reception, dinner and dancing I also got to spend time with my dear parents, enjoy my their garden – and the sunshine and have a nice Sunday lunch with them.



We barbecued some steaks with Jack Daniel’s glaze and served them with roasted new potatoes, salad and bearnaise sauce (not homemade this time, I didn’t have the energy after dancing all night).




And for pudding we had a real treat; homegrown wild strawberries with cream and a little sugar.


It is now less than two months to go until I go home to Skåne in August for a whole ten days. The countdown has begun.



Traditionally, if I was in Sweden today, I would most likely have the day off work and would have started the bypicking flowers from the fields; mainly cornflowers, poppies and cow parsley so I could tie myself a headband.

Then in the afternoon there would be cake, most likely a strawberry gateau. And in the evening there would be a smorgasbord of pickled herring, smoked salmon or gravadlax, new potatoes with dill, meatballs, sourcream and chives, maybe a matjes cheesecake and so on. To finish strawberries and cream.

Quite a lot of people have the traditional food for lunch and a barbecue in the evening, but although I’m not a huge fan of herring, that is not how I roll. There will of course also be plenty of snaps going around and we would sing snaps songs.

At some point during the afternoon or evening you would also dance around the may pole silly style singing children’s songs. And then party until really late as it is the shortest day of the year and the sun barely sets in Sweden.

This year, I’m in the UK and won’t really celebrate midsummer at all. Instead I’m going to an army ball in London, complete with chocolate fountains, fireworks and The Great Gatsby theme. Tomorrow and Sunday I have a hen do down in Kent where we will be glamping, playing silly games and drinking plenty of wine (I hope).

So regardless of what you’re up to, I wish you a Happy Midsummer!

To Skåne, Sweden!

blom4 I’m flying home to Skåne, Sweden tonight (well, technically I land in Denmark but a short jump across the bridge and I will be in Sweden) to attend my dear friends Helena and Johan’s wedding tomorrow. It will be lovely to share their special day with them, see some friends and spend time with my dear parents. And eat some of my mummy’s food. Needless to say I will be too tired to cook on Sunday after the wedding festivities the day before…

Have a nice weekend you too!

Weekend update!


 A happy Maria at the pub last night

It’s been a long work week (for me at least) but Friday is finally upon us. The sun is shining and I have friends from home visiting. When they arrived last night we dropped off their bags at the hotel and went to my local pub for (delicious) food, wine and a catch-up. Today while I’m at work Maria, Daniel and little Otto are enjoying the sunshine in Hyde Park and shopping a bit.

Tonight we’re going to chill out at home and I’m planning the menu as we speak. Since it’s great weather today I think the right thing to do is to fire up the barbecue and eat lots of nibbles while waiting for the meat to cook.

Tomorrow we’re probably going shopping on the Kings Road and having dinner in Chelsea at this child-friendly restaurant and I am sure we will have a nice lunch somewhere on Sunday before they leave for the airport.

Fingers crossed the amazing weather will hold. Bon weekend!

Friday update


Two weeks back in the office and Christmas already feels distant. We’re already halfway through January and it isn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Probably because the weather is still mild and work is keeping me busy.

This past week I have had the company of a terrible head cold so haven’t been the usual busy bee, but managed to catch up with a friend over wine and nibbles and go out for dinner. Tonight we have some work drinks and tomorrow I’m off to Sweden for a (literally) flying visit to celebrate that my best friend is now a physio therapist! Congratulations Emma!

Have a great weekend!