A Most Wonderful Summer!

Last summer was truly wonderful, and I feel the need to write it down, partly so I can remember the magic but also to tell you all about it as I wasn’t exactly good at updates in real time.

I must confess it feels a bit weird to rave about last summer when it almost IS summer again, but at the same time I LOVE the summer and 2022 was a particular good one. One for the books. It probably has a lot to do with the pandemic, me feeling this way, but last summer felt like the first summer in a while where we could just go back to normal. I could go to Sweden and enjoy the theatre and a dinner out with my parents like we used to, and it was the best feeling to be able to do that again.

On the whole we didn’t actually do that much, no big trips or lavish holidays. But spending time in Sweden and Norfolk (and travel around a little in Sweden and Denmark) was more than enough for us. Spending time on the beach by our summer house in Sweden gave me so much joy, and towards the end of my stay the sea heated up enough for swimming. It felt like forever ago I could swim in the sea there (I mean it was three years ago) and I will certainly try not to take it for granted again.

Norfolk was equally lovely. We spent a lot of time at the beach there too, swimming in the North Sea, going out on a boating adventure with friends. One evening we had a lovely picnic by the beach huts after a few holes of golf, an evening dip and sundowners on the sand dunes. We really tried to squeeze in as much as possible!

For my birthday we went to Paris for a few days and it was magical! The weather was perfect, the food insanely good and of course – it was romantic too!

In between our weeks here and there we came back to London, and I must confess I love London in summer too. Drinks in beer gardens and strolls in the parks buying a Mr Whippy when you walk past an ice cream van. Barbecues with friends and so on. And, we went to concerts again, which was wonderful! I also got to see a play I have waited years for, Jerusalem, and it was simply magnificent.

We had talked about booking a proper holiday somewhere at the end of summer, beginning of autumn but we didn’t feel the need after all the fun we had. It helped a lot that the weather was nice and that we can both work from anywhere, but I think it’s the first time I have felt like that (at least since I was a child and had endlessly long summer breaks) and it was the nicest feeling! Thank you, summer 2022, for everything!