Theatre, theatre and Norfolk


I’m behind again. Sorry! Every year I feel prepared for a busy December, but EVERY year it feels slightly overwhelming. It’s great fun, but such a rush to fit everything into this extremely short month for me, as I leave on the 20th. By then I need to have packed, sorted out Christmas cards and gifts, made plans with my friends in Sweden to some extend (to avoid total choas) all while simultaneously working and eating and drinking my way through many a festive event. How does the calendar fill itself up like that?!

Anyway, back to the week before last. When it was still November and less hectic.

The Monday and Tuesday were lovely and quiet with chores and early nights in. That’s how I want every week to start if I’m honest. I’m not a huge fan of Mondays and need to ease my way into the week.



But by Wednesday I was ready for a night out. First an early dinner at an old favourite; Opera Tavern in Covent Garden, followed by theatre at Donmar Warehouse.


We saw Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure which I really enjoyed. Great performances all around! Afterwards we had a glass of wine at cosy The 10 Cases nearby to debrief.


The next evening I was in the office so late I almost missed a dear colleagues leaving drinks. It was ending as I got there so we had a late night supper at Barrafina Drury Lane instead to end the evening.


Friday I skipped out of work a bit earlier and we drove to Northampton to watch a play. A children’s play actually, called The Worst Witch, but we knew one of the actors and were there for support. Lovely play if you’re a little, but I appreciated it as a grownup as well. Afterwards we stayed and mingled as it was the premiere night and had supper at McDonald’s. So fancy but we didn’t have time to get anything beforehand because of traffic so no choice really.


We stayed the night in Northamptonshire and after a nice breakfast and puppy cuddles we drove to Norfolk. We had dinner out in the evening and a lovely lie-in on the Sunday.


After breakfast we went for a walk; half on the golf course and half on the beach, with sandwiches at the club house afterwards.


In the evening I cooked Boeuf Bourguignon and potato purée and made an apple crumble and custard whip for pudding. Proper winter comfort.


On the Monday (I had the day off) we had another lie-in, cooked breakfast and then I made sliced gingerbread (yum!) before heading back to London.



Pretty ‘lagom’


Balance. That’s what I really try to achieve, but so far I haven’t been all that successful, until a few weeks ago when I had a nice balanced week with some early nights in and a few sociable events as well. But last week was pretty good too. In fact it was what we in Sweden call ‘lagom’. In Goldielocks’ words: just right.

Monday and Tuesday I stayed in after work. Did laundry and other chores, went to bed early and watched TV series. I’ve discovered another two really good ones; Homecoming with Julia Roberts and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. The former is a slow-paced thriller with great acting and I love the way it’s filmed. The latter is more fast-paced but also with great actors and the story is told from different angles which I really like.

Wednesday was a sociable evening; dinner with good friends before they’re heading to sunny Australia for two whole months! The dream!!

Thursday night a bunch of colleagues and ex-colleagues went out for drinks which was also really nice, but after two late nights in a row I was very happy to curl up with baked camembert for dinner on the Friday night and going to bed early.




After a nice lie-in on Saturday I cooked us dinner and then we headed to a 40th birthday party in the evening. I didn’t really know anyone there but met lots of nice people, including a few Swedes!

Sunday was a nice cosy day inside. I cooked (roast chicken, skin-on fries, broccoli cheese and for pudding Swedish kladdkaka) and we cosied up on the sofa watching some good TV. Of course The Handmaid’s Tale but also David Attenborough’s new seies Dynasties which is excellent!


Taking it easy


I was ill again last week. So typical. So I stayed in bed Monday and Tuesday but felt better on Wednesday and could go to work. So the rest of the week I just took it easy after work, to rest as much as possible. I really don’t want to get ill again between now and Christmas (or on my Christmas break!), too much to do!


The weekend was quiet as well, which was nice. On my lunch break on Friday I went to Whole Foods to buy some nice things for the weekend. Love it there and it’s a treat to go now when I don’t have one close to me anymore.


I bought mussels that I cooked that night with white wine, cream and potatoes. So yummy!


On Saturday we slept until noon, had poached eggs for breakfast and then went for a walk around Wimbledon Common. It air was crisp but the sun was out and it was perfect weather for an autumnal walk.


When we got backed we watched a bit of the tennis and some rugby before going for a drink at the local pub followed by dinner nearby.


Sunday treated me to another lie-in and then I pottered around, making pudding for supper and prepping ahead. For dinner I made a lovely pasta dish I will post about later, and lemon posset for pudding. Then we cuddled up on the sofa watching The Handmaid’s Tale and when I couldn’t take it anymore, an episode of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man.

The next month will be busy, but I hope I can squeeze in another cosy weekend without plans. Sleeping until one wake up naturally is just the best!

Balance (for once)!


Last week was actually pretty balanced. (Not often I can say that!) And it’s definitely I want to aim for in the future.

After work on Monday it took me ages to get home because of really bad traffic, so I had frankfurters and mash for supper. Not very exciting but perfect when you’re starving!

Tuesday was also quiet; I did laundry (which I actually love doing) and pottered at home. Wednesday was cinema night with the usual burgers before. The film we saw was Widows which I really enjoyed, despite the opening scene, ahem. Viola Davis was great, I loved the way it was filmed and the story was interesting and a bit unusual.


On Thursday I went to an event at Fortnum & Mason (aka heaven!) and had lots of nice food, drank champagne, mingled around and looked at their Christmas display. It was (of course) lovely and it really put me in the Christmas spirit.


I might have done a little shopping as well but didn’t go crazy with the ornaments, but it was tempting.

The weekend was super quiet, which was much needed. I slept in, finished two books (!), watched TV and cosied up inside with scented candles.

Yep – that’s what balance looks like for me. A few days out doing fun things, a few doing chores and a few for relaxing. More of that, please!

Not the best week but at least the weekend was nice


This past week wasn’t much fun, I must admit. On Monday I had to go home from work and then spent most of the week in bed with some kind of tummy virus. I was still exhausted towards the end of the week but managed to drag myself to the office for a few hours on Thursday before going home to bed again. I really don’t like being ill (but who does!?) and for me the worst part is not having any energy at all, and having to cancel plans. Last week I had to cancel both a book club gathering and a dear friend’s birthday celebrations, which pains me so much.


Friday I managed almost a full day in the office and afterwards we went out for a quick bite to eat (I was too tired to cook) before going to the cinema to see Bohemian Rhapsody. Which was absolutely brilliant. I loved it so much and Rami Malek was excellent as Freddie Mercury! A must see!

Saturday I rested as much as I could during the day so I could go to a friend’s surprise birthday party in the evening. It was great fun to see her very surprised face when she realised she wasn’t having a date night with her husband but drinks and dinner with a large group of friends instead!

Sunday was a quiet affair with takeaway burgers, The Handmaid’s Tale and a good film. We saw The Founder about the McDonald’s empire and it was really good! A nice relaxing ending to a not so nice week.

Cooking, series and a lovely weekend!


And sorry for the silence. I’ve spent most of this week in bed being poorly but am finally on the mend. And since I’m behind with my weekly “report” I thought it best to write it up straight away. So, here’s what I got up to last week…

I had a quiet week without too much socialising and I noticed how much more energy I had in the evenings when I just went home to cook (which I did every night) and watched a few episodes of a series or read my book, than when I’m out for dinner and drinks several times a week.


Cooking wise it was quite simple meals, proper weekday grub, which was nice. I made a batch of tomato sauce on Monday for supper that same evening and the night after (love planning ahead like that!). Half of the tomato sauce was used for shakshuka (isn’t it just the best supper dish?!) with onions and carrots and topped with creme fraiche and feta. Similar recipe here.


On Tuesday I spiced up the rest of the tomato sauce and used it to make enchiladas. Yum! Wednesday I cooked a new recipe but I want to photograph it again before I put it on the blog, so stay tuned.


Thursday I had a sudden craving for dauphinoise potatoes and so made a small gratin and ate it with some roasted chicken from the freezer and steamed broccoli.

I continued to watch The Truth of the Harry Quebert Affair (not many episodes left now!) but also started watching Killing Eve on the BBC which is really good!

Friday night we went out for a pub supper before seeing First Man at the cinema. Great film – highly recommend it!


On Saturday I met up with my foodie friend Anna and her daughter, visiting from Sweden, for some shopping and a lovely afternoon tea at Zetter Townhouse in Marylebone. In the evening I went for drinks before cooking a late pasta supper at home.


Sunday we had a lie-in and a nice cooked breakfast at home before going for a pub lunch and a walk by the river. It was freezing so afterwards we cosied up on the sofa watching Murder on the Orient Express (which wasn’t that great but had an amazing cast) followed by some more of  The Handmaid’s Tale. For dinner I made this chicken gratin and for pudding we had vanilla ice cream, homemade raspberry coulis and  crushed biscuits, for a bit of crunch.

Apart from the sudden cold weather it was a good week!

A nice week!


The past week was a bit quieter (although it probably doesn’t seem like it) than the previous, so although tired (as always on a Monday) I feel like I had a really nice week.


On Monday I went straight home after work and made a big batch of soup with broccoli and cheese (I will post the recipe later). Sometimes I just love cooking at a slow pace, stirring the pots and taking pleasure in the fact that I’m creating something from scratch. Obviously this approach doesn’t work when I’m hangry; then my it’s less serene in my kitchen.


On Wednesday it was my Swedish friend Anna’s birthday and she invited a group of us to her flat for a combined birthday and belated house warming party. It was so lovely and I really enjoyed meeting some new people. On Thursday I tagged along to a comedy evening at a micro brewery in Wandsworth, which was a first for me on so many levels. I don’t really like stand up comedy, but still enjoyed most of the acts (while quietly praying they wouldn’t talk to me). I really liked the set up and although I don’t like beer all that much either it was really nice beer and a well organised event! I really enjoy seeing what this city has to offer and trying new things.


On Friday I was pretty tired but met up with Gaby for a quick burger after work and then had an early night and a long lie-in the next day; my preferred way to start the weekend.


The rest of the weekend was quiet and I spent most of it at home. I did laundry, organised my wardrobe, pampered myself with face masks and cooked nice breakfasts but also had time to watch some TV series (Vanity Fair and The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair) and some films (Election, Gorillas in the Mist) and yesterday I went to the cinema to see the amazing A Star Is Born.