Oat crisps

This is neither a cookie nor a biscuit, but still something sweet to eat with your coffee, a ritual we in Sweden call fika. In my family we do it all the time! And this recipe is the best one I’ve ever come across on these crisps, havreflarn in Swedish, it is of course my mother’s recipe and the reason it is so great is because the outsides are very crisp and the middle is a bit chewy. You can eat them as they are, or roll them around a wooden spoon handle when warm to make them look fancy, stick one into a sundae, put vanilla ice cream or butter cream or whipped cream with vanilla in between two to make a sandwich, and all ways are good! 🙂

Oat crisps (Havreflarn), about 50

300 ml oats

200 ml granulated sugar

50 ml syrup

150 g melted butter

50 ml cream

150 ml plain flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

Combine all the ingredients and place dollops the size of a teaspoon on parchment paper on a baking tray quite far apart, they expand a lot in the oven. I only placed 9 on each sheet and that worked perfectly. Bake in 175 C oven for 8 minutes. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

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