Another crayfish party!

Yesterday I had my girls (Jenny, Jenny and Laura) around for some Swedish crayfish. It was so much fun and they really seemed to enjoyed it! They were also excellent students in how to peel the little animals, to drink snaps and how to place the shell on the plate afterwards.

This is what we had:

  • Rocket with cherry tomatoes, spring onions and vinegrette
  • Västerbotten cheese quiche, with my dough recipe
  • Omelette rolls with goat’s cheese and bacon
  • Crayfish of course
  • Baguettes and cheese
  • Pear cake for dessert

I also made omelette rolls with goat’s cheese and bacon, served bread and two cheeses and of course crayfish! It is soooo good, I could eat it every week!

Västerbotten quiche – the GOOD one


120 g softened butter

300 ml plain flour

1/2 whipped up egg


250 g grated Västerbotten cheese

200 ml cream

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

Combine the ingredients for the dough and knead it a little, press out with your thumbs onto a quiche dish, pick wholes with a fork and pre-bake for 10 minutes in 180-200 C oven. Mix the ingredients for the filling together in a bowl, throw in some salt and pepper. When the shell is pre-baked, just fill it up with the cheese mixture and bake for another 20 minutes or so, until the filling has set and the quiche looks nice and golden. Serve hot, lukewarm or cold. If cold it’s great to decorate it with some creme fraiche and caviar, lemon slices, dill, chopped red onions etc.

Omelette rolls

2 eggs

4 tbsp soy cream or cream

salt and white pepper

soft goat’s cheese with herbs (or a normal cream cheese with herbs)

6 slices bacon

Fry the bacon in small pieces, drain from excess fat on kitchen towel and leave to cool. Mix one egg and half the cream together in a bowl, season and fry in some butter in an omelette pan (small frying pan), on low heat until it is done, flip it over for a minute so both sides are cooked. Leave on a plate with the darker side down. Repeat the procedure with another omelette and place on a seperate plate. Once they have cooled, spread some cheese on both omelettes, sprinkle with bacon and roll them up. Cut into 2 cm wide pieces and serve on a buffet or as a light snack.

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