Girlie weekend, amazing sushi and afternoon tea!


I was quite tired in the beginning of the second week in April, so after work on Monday and Tuesday I just stayed in, watched Grey’s Anatomy and went to bed early.


But on the Wednesday I had more energy, so I did some errands for work and myself. Couldn’t resist going into Whole Foods to buy Easter eggs when I was nearby.


In the evening I made cookie dough so it could chill in the fridge over night.


The next day I baked them so Therése, a dear friend from home visiting for the weekend, could have freshly baked cookies – that’s when they’re the best!


In the evening we went out for tapas at Rambla


…and afterwards we had a drink at Dean Street Townhouse nearby.


While Therése went shopping on the Friday I worked all day and so a night in seemed appropriate. For dinner we had small plates such as rösti with creme fraiche, red onions and bleak roe.


And baked camembert with saucisson, pears and baguette to dip.


As well as British asparagus, wild garlic mayo and calamari. Yum!


On the Saturday we went shopping in Covent Garden, and enjoyed all the spring flowers!


For lunch we had yummy burgers at Shake Shack (Therése’s first!) and afterwards we changed location and moved towards Oxford Street for some more shopping.



After a quick change of clothes we went out for sushi, which we both love, and we had such a lovely dinner I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a review soon!


After a sturdy breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancetta on the Sunday morning we went to V&A to see the amazing Dior exhibition. I have been before but it was wonderful seeing it a second time too!


Afterwards we went for a lovely afternoon tea (that I also want to tell you all about in a proper review!) and felt thoroughly spoilt! On our way home we popped into Liberty because I wanted to show Therèse this wonderful department store!


Back home I made dinner; this open crab lasagne I blogged about earlier this week, and a side salad to balance out all the rich food we had at the weekend. It was so much fun having my dear childhood friend here for what felt like a long sleepover, just filled with more shopping and eating out than we were little. SO MUCH FUN!

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