Pancakes, dinners at home and out and a Dior exhibition!


Last Monday I was tired after a lovely weekend in Norfolk, as we got back quite late on the Sunday night, so after work on Monday I had no energy to cook. Instead I ordered a lovely pizza from Pizza Pilgrims and had the leftovers for lunch the next day. Yay for takeaway!


Tuesday was Pancake Day and my dear boyfriend was in charge. He’s amazing at making pancakes so it’s becoming a tradition that he cooks pancakes galore for me on Shrove Tuesday. Last year I also introduced a Swedish treat; cream buns, but it was far too much so this year we kept it simple with just pancakes.


First we had some with savoury fillings, like ham and cheese and crispy pancetta and cheese – both very yummy, and then moved on to sweet toppings.


I love the traditional sugar and lemon so had to have one of those and then of course one with whipped cream, and as I know it would be my last one (I was so full by this stage) I went all out with both strawberry jam AND Nutella. So yummy! Afterwards we half laid on the sofa (sitting up was too difficult) watching Goliath, a new series we started. It’s so so good! Highly recommend it.


On Wednesday I med up with a friend after work. We had our heart set on sushi but ended up in Shake Shack instead (yum!!) and then went to a bar for drinks and a nicer ambiance to properly catch up.

Thursday I had a night in after doing some errands in wind and rain (always fun!).



On Friday night I made another three course dinner and we watched some more Goliath.


On Saturday I had a rare afternoon at home by myself without any plans or chores. So I read the new Living Etc magazine featuring Jenna Lyons amazing New York apartment and almost fell asleep! Then I got ready super slowly (love doing my makeup properly taking my time, but most of the time I only have a few minutes to slap it on) and then we went out for dinner.


Love our date nights and this time we had a lovely steak dinner and the most amazing pudding at Foxlow Soho (will do a proper writeup soon).


Sunday I met up with a friend to go to the Dior exhibition, using my brand new membership card to get us in. It was so dreamy and magical and just exceeded my (very high) expectations!


Afterwards we had cream tea and a catch up in the member’s area – such a lovely space.

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