Visby: dinner at Donners Brasserie


We arrived Visby in the afternoon, having been up since 5am, so we were quite happy just walking around the town for a bit (taking some photos) and then have an early no-fuss dinner.


We ended up at Donners Brasserie and sat outside people-watching (so much fun when most people were dressed in medieval attire). You could tell it was the end of the season as none of the restaurants were full up but at least we were not alone dining here.

The menu was quite simple and although the smoked prawns for a starter appealed we were all hungry starving and went straight for the main course.

Mother had arctic char with potatoes baked in tin foil and served with a coriander mayo. Not ground-breaking but it was cooked well.


I had the steak with bearnaise sauce and fries. The meat was slightly over-cooked but still nice.


Father had the largest portion (so generous!) of lamb racks I’ve ever seen, with sautéed vegetables and a potato salad.

The food was nice, and not very elaborate but I can see it appealing to the crowds in the summer. It was all fresh and cooked well just lacking a bit of oomph.

Donners Brasserie, Donners plats 3, 621 57 Visby, Sweden 


Arctic char with new potatoes and a most fabulous sauce


I am now back in the UK after two lovely weeks on the south coast in Sweden. Only downside was being without internet for most of that time, hence the silence.

My first supper in Sweden mum spoiled me with fried Arctic char, a fabulous fish that is a bit difficult to find in the UK so I thoroughly enjoy it when I go back home. We had new potatoes, steamed carrots and a lovely sauce with it. The sauce is already in the blog’s archive, but is worth mentioning again as it makes a nice piece of simply prepared fish into a feast.

Most things are coastal blue in the summer house, even the tableware.

Pan-fried Arctic char, steamed new potatoes and carrots and that divine sauce.

Strawberry ripple icecream with strawberries from my parent’s garden for dessert.

Herb sauce with lime, serves 4

50 g butter

250 ml creme fraiche

200 ml milk

50 ml dry white wine

1 tsp dijon mustard

concentrated fish stock

3 egg yolks

20 g mixed fresh herbs

1/5 lime, the zest

salt & pepper

Mix all the ingredients apart from the yolks and herbs in a saucepan. Stir until it has boiled for a few minutes. Then add the sauce to the yolks bit by bit until they have soaked up everything. Heat the sauce up so it thickens but it must not boil. Add the herbs and serve.