Second week of holiday!


My second week in Sweden I tried to take it a bit easier than the first. Try to wind down, not set an alarm and lower the pace. The first day that didn’t happen as I had invited eight adults and five children over for lunch, but I think I managed OK the rest of the week.

But back to the lunch. I skipped a starter so the children didn’t have to sit still for too long; instead everybody could mingle around with a glass of rosé in hand and snacking on these lovely crisps with browned butter, lemon juice and grated cheese.

For the main course I made chicken with lots of garlic and lemon, potato wedges, caramelised garlic sauce and a nice salad.


And for pudding I let everybody put together their own pudding of soft meringue (everybody loves this one!), ice cream, lightly whipped cream, chocolate sauce. berries and figs.


In the evening I had a simple supper consisting of Danish red pølse and all the trimmings. So yummy!!


The next day I went to the beach in Skanör with friends and their three children.


They brought a lovely picnic and there was a lot of swimming with the kids mixed with chatting to their parents. Such a lovely day that we finished off with a late lunch in the harbour nearby followed by ice cream.


Wednesday I slept late and spent my time in the sun in the garden before going for dinner at a friend’s new house! They’d made salmon with salad, potato wedges, two sauces and nice bread and for pudding we had rhubarb pie with ice cream. A perfect summer’s evening.


The next day was another quiet one, with some rain but also some time on the beach (yay!) before having dinner with my parents in the evening. I made lots of pizzas which I will blog about later.


Friday started off the same way (not bad eh?! three lazy days in a row!) and finished with dinner at Badhytten with all the seafood!


My last full day in Sweden I spent partly with my best friend, partly with my parents. Friends of the family came by for fika in the afternoon and in the evening my parents and I had something we never get tired off; fillet of beef with homemade bearnaise sauce. This was the first time we had dinner indoors as the weather turned, but I’m grateful for the sunny days I got!


Sunday was my last day and my best friend and her family came over for lunch with my parents. I got lots of cuddles from my god daughter but we also had some lovely food. Mamma cooked arctic char with potatoes, mange tout, carrots and two sauces; one with caviar and this one with apple. The pudding was a huge success too (although dad would have liked a sweeter version) and I will blog all about it later.

Then off I went to the airport with a quick pit stop at my parents’ house where I hadn’t been all summer. Thank you, near and dear ones, for a lovely two weeks! ❤

Recipe: Crisps with feta crème and pomegranate


When I had the girls over for dinner, I started the evening with a prosecco cocktail and crisps with toppings. I’ve already introduced you to the bleak roe version (so yum!) but this, much more accessible version with feta, pomegranate and parsley is just as nice. Perfect for the holidays!

Crisps with feta crème, pomegranate seeds and parsley, serves 6 as a nibble

1/2 bag salted (nice) crisps 

1/3 packet feta

100 ml creme fraiche

pomegranate seeds

chopped parsley

Find the nicest looking crisps in the bag and put them on a plate/platter. Whip creme fraiche and feta until smooth. Season with pepper. Place a small dollop of the feta crème on each crisp, top with pomegranate seeds and parsley. Serve. 

Recipe: Crisps with bleak roe, creme fraiche and red onions


In Sweden, coming up with new yummy ways to serve bleak roe, is almost a sport. And when I saw this genius idea on Foodetc’s instagram; serving bleak roe and it’s best friends creme fraiche and finely chopped red onions on crisps I just had to try it.

And it turns out crisps are a great vehicle for the bleak roe. They’re crispy and light and has the same effect as rösti and butter-fried bread. So good!

Crisps with bleak roe, creme fraiche and red onions, serves 6 as a canapé

1/2 bag lightly salted good quality crisps

1/2 jar bleak roe

100 ml fat creme fraiche

1/2 red onion, finely chopped

Find the prettiest crisps in the bag and put them on a nice plate/platter. Top with small dollops of creme fraiche, add bleak roe and lastly finely chopped red onions. 

Crisps with browned butter and Comté cheese

photo 6

To make the commute on the tube a bit more tolerable I’ve started listening to podcasts to and from work. I mainly listen to Swedish food podcasts, and one favourite is Klas Lindberg & Klas Lindberg. It’s two guys with the same name, one well-renowned chef and one journalist with an interest in food and they are just so lovely and inspiring to listen too.

One of the recipes I was dying to try after I listened to it, was these crisps with browned butter and Comté. It just seemed so simple and delicious and it certainly was. Ask my parents, who I made it for when they were visiting. Together with a bottle of champagne (Philipponnat Grand Blanc NV) it was such a lovely start to our meal. Can’t wait to make this for more dinner parties (or just for me when watching a good film)!

Crisps with browned butter and Comté, serves 4

Adapted from and translated after Klas Lindberg & Klas Lindberg’s recipe 

1 bag slightly salted nice crisps (I used Tyrrell’s)

30 g matured Comté, finely grated

50 g butter, browned

1/2 lemon, juice only

Place the crisps in an oven-proof tray and put in a 100C oven for a few minutes (they heat up quickly). Meanwhile brown the butter and put aside. Finely grate the Comté. 

Remove the crisps from the oven and put on a serving tray or plate. Drizzle with 3-4 tbsp browned butter and add the grated cheese. Squeeze over some lemon juice and serve. 

Curly kale crisps


You can easily buy these healthy green crisps at Whole Foods, or even easier; make them yourself. I served them with a Nigella-inspired aperitif consisting of rose vermouth, pomegranate juice, lime juice and a splash of honey, and although the drink isn’t that sweet, these salty crisps complement it perfectly.

Curly kale crisps

2 bunches curly kale

1 tbsp mild olive oil

2 pinches sea salt

Remove the leaves from the stalks and shred into crisp size pieces. Add the oil to a medium-sized roasting tray. Add the leaves and salt and toss to coat the leaves. Place in a 150C oven for approx 20 minutes or until the kale have shrunk considerably in size and turned crispy. Serve.