Skanör: lunch at Stationen



Most restaurants I visit back home are in Malmö, the biggest city in the area I’m from, but in the summer there are lots of smaller places scattered by the coast and in the countryside. In winter, not so much, but there are a few exceptions, like relatively new Stationen in Skanör. I had lunch with my friend Cecilia and Fredrik here one day at the beginning of the year and it was nice to see the restaurant was full, even in January.

All three of us ordered their classic burger with slaw and fries which was really nice and the portion was very generous too. On top of that coffee or tea and cookies were included in the lunch option. This is fairly common in Sweden and I think it’s really nice as you can sit for longer.

Bäckatorget 10, 239 33 Skanör

Lunch at da Aldo, Skanör, Sweden


On Saturday while I was waiting for my bestie Emma to finish work, I had lunch with her husband Claes. We were in the Skanör-Falsterbo area of Skåne, Sweden and there are quite a lot of cafés and restaurants around. We decided to try Italian da Aldo, which is a lot bigger now than last time I went probably six or seven years ago.

As you walk in you can buy sandwiches, salads and icecream over the counter or be seated around the tables at the back for proper table service and hot food.

Both Claes and I were starving so more or less the whole menu looked good to us. In the end we decided to share a pasta dish and a pizza.

The pasta was lovely and fresh with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and parmesan. But the portion was rather small.


The Margeritha pizza was proper in size and absolutely wonderful. We also got some sourdough to dip in olive oil but the pizza was enough bread for us.


As we were about to ask for the bill our friendly waiter cleverly suggested coffee and ice cream which we thought was a great idea. The gelato looked fabulous as we walked in and I was happy to be reminded of it. We settled for two flavours each; I chose hazelnut and vanilla and Claes hazelnut and his favourite pistachio.

da Aldo is a great place to go to for lunch, icecream or supper if you live near by, but I also recommend stopping here if driving around in the region. It’s well worth a visit!

da Aldo, Mellangatan 47, 239 30 Skanör, Sweden