Theatre, BBQ and sport


I must admit I feel slightly stressed that it’s already the middle of July. In less than two weeks I go home to Sweden for two weeks and I have quite a lot to do before then, but the main reason I’m stressed is that I don’t want this lovely summer to end! It’s been so lovely and I want it to continue forever.


I’m really looking forward to my weeks in Sweden but London is lovely too at the moment. Last week was busy but fun and one of the highlight was definitely the RAF fly-over on Tuesday to mark their hundred year anniversary. Wow!



In the evening I met up with the girls at Chick ‘n’ Sours for nachos (probably the best ever), fried chicken, cocktails and of course a proper catch-up. It was much needed and so lovely!


On Thursday I was invited to Shakespeare’s The Tempest at an outdoor theatre in Covent Garden. Always nice with some culture!


And before the theatre we had a quick meal at cosy Polpo nearby. Love those meatballs!


Friday I had a (much needed) night in, with face masks, scented candles and a not great but fine rom-com.



The weekend was all about sport, apart from the Saturday evening which was all about Tim (the birthday boy) and the barbecue him and Laura had arranged. We had Pimm’s and snacks in the garden, followed by a barbecue complete with burgers and two types of sausages and finished off with proper American s’mores. Yum! When it got dark we ventured inside for board games and champagne.


Sunday started with a lie-in (yes!) followed by a whole afternoon in a lovely beer garden watching both the Wimbledon final and the World Cup final.


It was nice and relaxing with a glass of rosé in hand. Afterwards we went for a little walk, then headed back for homemade club sandwiches and the last episode of Billions. Can’t wait for the next season to start!

Sausages topped with mustard, gherkins and cheese



Just like Scandinavians take their pickled herring and traditional foods seriously, the same goes for sausages.

When I moved to the UK that was one of the hardest things (food wise) to get used to; the sausauges. The unsmoked sausages with strange flavours.

In Sweden sausages in general are just lightly smoked meat; no apples, sage or caramelised onions near them. The last couple of years, however, this has started to change, mainly thanks to Taylor & Jones in Stockholm who makes British style sausages and have become hugely popular among foodies.

And after five years in Blighty I too appreciate a nice British banger. But sometimes only the familiar tastes from home will do, and this recipe is one of those. If you can’t find any thick smoked sausages Frankfurters will work too.

Sausages topped with a mixture of cream cheese, gherkins, mustard and grated cheese that melt in the oven are really delicious, certainly kid-friendly and makes the weekday bangers with mash a bit more interesting.


Sausages topped with mustard, gherkins and cheese, serves 4

Translated and adapted from Lotta’s recipe (in Swedish).
8 thick smoked sausages (Frankfurters will work too)
125 g philadelphia  
2-3 tbsp chopped gherkins
2-3 tsp mustard
200 ml grated cheese  
1 onion, finely chopped
salt and black pepper

Make a deep slit in each sausage lengthways without cutting through it. Mix the ingredients for the filling and divide between the sausages. (I put some of the grated cheese on top too). Place in a roasting tray and place in the middle of a 200C oven for 20-25 minutes. Serve with creamy mashed potatoes.