Dinner at my local


After a full on day at the Goodwood Revival we were cold and seriously hungry, and I was really pleased with myself for booking a table at my local pub for dinner. We went there straight from the train and after looking at the menu for two seconds we all settled for steak and ordered three hanger steak, red wine (for mum and me) and cider (for dad).

The hanger steak arrived quickly accompanied by shallot purée, amandine potatoes, girolles, carrots, spinach and jus. It was delicious and just the hearty type of food we craved!


After the maincourse we could relax a bit (I certainly know where my hunger panic comes from…) and ordered two puddings to share. One pretty-as-a-picture lemon meringue pie with lemon jelly and one cheesecake with plum icecream, ginger bread mousse, plums and blackberries. Both were delicious and perfectly executed.


I’m so pleased to have this amazing pub just around the corner. The pub bit is cozy and offers nice snacks and the restaurant bit is just as rustic but with really good food!

The Sands End, 135-137 Stephendale Rd, London SW6 2PR

Eelbrook, Fulham – revisited


I feel very lucky to have a nice choice of restaurants within walking distance from where I live and Eelbrook is certainly a favourite.

When my parents were visiting they stayed nearby so I thought it a good idea to go here for dinner one evening. And they liked the place just as much as I do, it certainly is a little gem of a restaurant. It’s relaxed and easygoing but with good food!

We started the meal by sharing a few starters. First up was the salad with endive, gorgonzola, perfectly ripe figs and hazelnuts that was really nicely balanced and a joy to eat.


We then had deep-fried courgette flowers stuffed with white crab meat and served with a brown crab meat mayonnaise. Very different to the goat’s cheese filled flowers with honey you usually get but also nice.


The salad with confit trout, capers, pickled cucumber and creme fraiche was also lovely but the rye bread on the side a let down, at least for us Scandinavians


For her maincourse my mum had bream from Dorset with beurre noisette, cauliflower puré, capers and almonds and it was a really lovely dish and the fish was perfectly cooked.


My peppardelle with girolles, marsala cream and hazelnuts was seriously creamy (almost a tad too much) but nice in flavour!


The duck breast dad had was cooked to perfection and served with jus, cherries and sweet potato puré. My parents also ordered a side dish of amandine potatoes and an amazing tarragon mayonnaise.

We were too full for pudding and instead went for a walk, had a drink at a pub before going to bed. Such a nice evening in my neighbourhood.

Eelbrook, New King’s Road, London SW6 4SE

Burger delivery with Chosen Bun, London


It was thanks to a flyer through the letterbox that I found about about a company that specialise in delivering burgers in London. So one day when I really wanted a burger but was too tired to make my own, I ordered one on my mobile on my way home from the tube. It was really easy, but I wish I could have paid with PayPal instead of putting in all my credit card details.


Approximately 20 minutes after ordering there was a knock on the door and my burger was delivered. Great stuff! Chosen Bun gets plus points for the very thought-out packaging (with air holes to let your burger breathe and not become soggy in transit) and for the imprint of their logo on the bun. I like the little touches.


I had The Patty burger with caramelised red onion chutney, lettuce, ketchup, mayo and pickle and my own addition of cheddar.

I thought the patty itself needed more seasoning, especially salt, and the chutney was too sweet and overpowering for my liking. The bun was great though and I liked the texture and how the patty was cooked and the pickles were delicious. The chunky chips with rosemary were enormous, crispy and very nice!

All in all a nice burger, but next time I will omit the, for me, too dominant chutney. The idea of getting a burger delivered in sensible packaging is genius though, keep up the good work!

Chosen Bun, 647 Fulham road, London, SW6 5PU

Tasting menu at Harwood Arms, Fulham

2015-02-14 21.15.04

I celebrated Valentine’s day with my fellow foodie friend Caroline at Harwood Arms, amongst a few couples but we enjoyed the food too much to notice it much. I’ve only had their a ‘la carte before and was a little worried that the tasting menu portions would be huge as the portions here are very generous, but it was just the right amount.

Shortly after having received water, bread and wine at the table the first course arrived; beetroot poached salmon with yellow beets and smoked sourcream. It was a very fresh dis and the smoked sourcream was a fun twist.

2015-02-14 21.35.43

Next we had a rabbit terrine with almond praline, turnip, endive and yoghurt. Also really nice!

2015-02-14 22.02.48

Thereafter turbot with smoked bone marrow and parsley root. Another nice dish with a fun twist. It was the first time I’ve had bone marrow paired with fish!

2015-02-14 22.30.21

The best dish was without a doubt the last savoury one; perfectly cooked fillet of veal with velvety garlic potato purée with jus and toasted garlic. A-ma-zing!

2015-02-14 22.53.18

After that high, the puddings were quite a blur. I prefer savoury over sweet any day and was really content after the first four courses. It was nice to have something sweet to finish off the meal but I’m afraid, to me, the puddings weren’t that memorable.

2015-02-14 23.08.32

But they were just the right size to round off the meal nicely, and especially the mousse-topped shortbread with ice cream was really nice, even though it didn’t top the veal.

Harwood Arms, Walham Grove, London SW6 1QP

Dinner at Eelbrook, Fulham

2015-01-17 19.33.30

Even though I don’t live in central London I am more than pleased with the restaurants near where I live. Boma have nice burgers, just like Joe’s Brasserie and the best pub ever is just around the corner (all three places are actually within a 4 minute radius!).

There’s also a lovely one starred pub with amazing food a 10 minute walk north, and if you walk the same distance in another direction you have lovely Claude’s. And now there’s another addition; Eelbrook.

2015-01-17 19.33.352015-01-17 19.33.39

Caroline and I had dinner here on a Saturday night at in January and had a lovely meal! We started with pig’s head croquetas that were utterly delicious! As was the little crab tartlettes with beurre blanc and chives which I loved.

2015-01-17 19.49.13

We also shared a portion of smoked eel, with beetroot, apple, mustard and horseradish.

2015-01-17 20.17.28

Then it was time for our mains. I had bavette with broccoli rabe, trompettes and wild garlic butter. Very simple but absolutely perfect.

2015-01-17 20.17.50-1

Caroline’s pork chop with lentils, leek and romesco sauce was equally amazing!

2015-01-17 19.33.44

What a great addition to the already mentioned restaurants! This is definitely a little more up-scale than some of the others but the cooking is consistently very good and quite homely so it really works for a neighbourhood restaurant.

Eelbrook, Eel Brook Common, New King’s Road, Fulham, London SW6 4SE

Claude’s Kitchen, Parsons Green – revisited

2015-01-15 20.59.06

Claude’s Kitchen is a lovely little restaurant a nice 10 minute walk from where I live, and yet I don’t go very often. A real shame I realise when I DO go, as the food is great, the ambiance nice and the wine list and service are good too.

I was here a few weeks ago with Felicity and we had a great time enjoying the food and catching up.

I had two starters instead of a main course because there were several things I couldn’t eat in the main courses and I don’t like picking apart a dish as it then loses its purpose. The two starters I had were wonderful; first the braised octopus with orange, blood orange and a root veg purée.

2015-01-15 20.59.10

The the Jerusalem artichoke with chicory, mature cheese and pesto. Delicious! .

2015-01-15 21.00.10

Felicity chose a vegetarian main course the waiter said was the best dish on the menu! And she thoroughly enjoyed the baked carrots with chickpeas and turmeric yoghurt dressing.

2015-01-15 21.37.39

We had room for pudding too and Felicity continued with the carrot theme and had the carrot purée, apple ice, dulce the leche and raspberries. Fun and yummy!

2015-01-15 21.37.442015-01-15 21.37.48

I was very predictable and chose (probably their most popular pudding) the peanut butter parfait with pretzels, salted toffee and vanilla creme fraiche. Wonderful and less sweet than expected.

I promise, I will be back soon!

Claude’s Kitchen, 51 Parsons Green Lane, London SW6 4JA

Dinner at Harwood Arms, again


That daddy would love Harwood Arms I was certain but the fact is mummy was just as excited about it.

The portions here are in my opinion very large, which I find sad in a way as I can’t try that many dishes in one sitting, but on the other hand it is very generous.

With this in mind we skipped starters and went straight for the maincourse. Via the amazing bread basket that is. Daddy loved the Irish soda bread baked on the premises while I couldn’t get enough of the potato bread from a vendor at Borough Market.


Today’s special was a venison roast for two with potato purée, field mushrooms and jus, which mum and dad shared. Or tried to finish more like, it was a huge piece of meat but it was utterly delicious so they did their best. The meat was slowcooked and super tender and tasted of thyme (which we love in my family) treacle and crispy smokes bacon. The potato purée was seriously buttery and amazing and the jus made form the meat juices also had a strong flavour or thyme. Fabulous!

I was, as usual, seduced by the word bone marrow on the menu and ordered the short ribs (also slow cooked) with baked celeriac (which I actually wasn’t a fan of, surprisingly), broccoli and a lovely purée. And smoked bone marrow. Delish!


We were so incredibly full after this but after plenty of water we braved a look at the pudding menu and decided to share one between the three of us. Daddy chose caramelised pear with baked pear icecream, pear purée and caramelised walnuts. A lot of pear, but it worked thanks to the different textures.

It feels rather superfluous to wrote that we thoroughly enjoyed our evening and the amazing food here, but I will do it anyway. This is what I call a gastropub!

Harwood Arms, Walham Grove  London SW6 1QP

Dinner at The Sand’s End, Fulham


Literally around the corner from where I live, is a well-known gastro pub – The Sand’s End. Although walking past it several times I week I haven’t actually been there until this past weekend.

The pub is very cosy with a bar area at the front with plenty of tables and the restaurant area at the back of the building.

Both Malin, who I went with, and I took two starters each. We’d had a big lunch in the office that day so I wanted something lighter than a big hearty maincourse. What I had was perfect, as it was two smaller dishes but together they were substantial enough.

The first starter was the homemade tagliatelle with cold water prawns, chilli and coriander – delicious. The pasta was al dente and full of flavour and the prawns soft and sweet. This was a very different way for me to eat these prawns. Cold water prawns are a staple in the Swedish diet. When I grew up we had them once a week, usually on Fridays. There are so many ways to cook and eat them but we generally add them to a hot sauce very last minute. These prawns were so soft they must have cooked in the sauce for quite some time. A very different texture compared to what I am used to, but not unpleasant.


My next dish was a classic steak tartare served with an extra yolk and toast. It was hand cut which I very much prefer, it adds so much to the texture and the flavour was lovely; quite full on and with a kick to it. Really nice!

And speaking of steak tartare, try this recipe if you want to make it yourself.

I really enjoyed this relaxed meal and will of course be back shortly. How can I resist when it is practically on my doorstep?!

The Sand’s End

135-137 Stephendale Road

London SW6 2PR

Dinner at Harwood Arms, Fulham

I can’t believe I have lived in Fulham since July and only recently visited the one Michelin-starred gastropub Harwood Arms.

The pub feels really cosy and more like a restaurant-pub than a pub-pub. You can have just a drink here, but most of the tables are for the dining guests.

My dinner companion and I decided on two starters each and that was plenty of food. I couldn’t even finish my second starter, but both the dishes I had chosen were quite meat-heavy so it was not surprising that they were so filling.


The beetroot cured salmon (or gravad lax as we Scandis like to call it) was full of flavour and firm in texture.


But I enjoyed the ham hock even more. The soft and stringy meat worked wonderfully well with the leek and creamy duck egg, but the crispy bits were even better!

HAThe dish we had one each of was the beef faggots, and it was actually my first time trying faggots. These were absolutely delicious, just very filling. And the smoked bone marrow it was served with was a delight on its own.

I can’t wait to go back, and am actually planning on taking my parents here when they visit in about a months time.

Harwood Arms

Walham Grove


London SW6 1QP