Dinner at Harwood Arms, Fulham

I can’t believe I have lived in Fulham since July and only recently visited the one Michelin-starred gastropub Harwood Arms.

The pub feels really cosy and more like a restaurant-pub than a pub-pub. You can have just a drink here, but most of the tables are for the dining guests.

My dinner companion and I decided on two starters each and that was plenty of food. I couldn’t even finish my second starter, but both the dishes I had chosen were quite meat-heavy so it was not surprising that they were so filling.


The beetroot cured salmon (or gravad lax as we Scandis like to call it) was full of flavour and firm in texture.


But I enjoyed the ham hock even more. The soft and stringy meat worked wonderfully well with the leek and creamy duck egg, but the crispy bits were even better!

HAThe dish we had one each of was the beef faggots, and it was actually my first time trying faggots. These were absolutely delicious, just very filling. And the smoked bone marrow it was served with was a delight on its own.

I can’t wait to go back, and am actually planning on taking my parents here when they visit in about a months time.

Harwood Arms

Walham Grove


London SW6 1QP

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