Dinner at The Sand’s End, Fulham


Literally around the corner from where I live, is a well-known gastro pub – The Sand’s End. Although walking past it several times I week I haven’t actually been there until this past weekend.

The pub is very cosy with a bar area at the front with plenty of tables and the restaurant area at the back of the building.

Both Malin, who I went with, and I took two starters each. We’d had a big lunch in the office that day so I wanted something lighter than a big hearty maincourse. What I had was perfect, as it was two smaller dishes but together they were substantial enough.

The first starter was the homemade tagliatelle with cold water prawns, chilli and coriander – delicious. The pasta was al dente and full of flavour and the prawns soft and sweet. This was a very different way for me to eat these prawns. Cold water prawns are a staple in the Swedish diet. When I grew up we had them once a week, usually on Fridays. There are so many ways to cook and eat them but we generally add them to a hot sauce very last minute. These prawns were so soft they must have cooked in the sauce for quite some time. A very different texture compared to what I am used to, but not unpleasant.


My next dish was a classic steak tartare served with an extra yolk and toast. It was hand cut which I very much prefer, it adds so much to the texture and the flavour was lovely; quite full on and with a kick to it. Really nice!

And speaking of steak tartare, try this recipe if you want to make it yourself.

I really enjoyed this relaxed meal and will of course be back shortly. How can I resist when it is practically on my doorstep?!

The Sand’s End

135-137 Stephendale Road

London SW6 2PR

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