Dinner at Eelbrook, Fulham

2015-01-17 19.33.30

Even though I don’t live in central London I am more than pleased with the restaurants near where I live. Boma have nice burgers, just like Joe’s Brasserie and the best pub ever is just around the corner (all three places are actually within a 4 minute radius!).

There’s also a lovely one starred pub with amazing food a 10 minute walk north, and if you walk the same distance in another direction you have lovely Claude’s. And now there’s another addition; Eelbrook.

2015-01-17 19.33.352015-01-17 19.33.39

Caroline and I had dinner here on a Saturday night at in January and had a lovely meal! We started with pig’s head croquetas that were utterly delicious! As was the little crab tartlettes with beurre blanc and chives which I loved.

2015-01-17 19.49.13

We also shared a portion of smoked eel, with beetroot, apple, mustard and horseradish.

2015-01-17 20.17.28

Then it was time for our mains. I had bavette with broccoli rabe, trompettes and wild garlic butter. Very simple but absolutely perfect.

2015-01-17 20.17.50-1

Caroline’s pork chop with lentils, leek and romesco sauce was equally amazing!

2015-01-17 19.33.44

What a great addition to the already mentioned restaurants! This is definitely a little more up-scale than some of the others but the cooking is consistently very good and quite homely so it really works for a neighbourhood restaurant.

Eelbrook, Eel Brook Common, New King’s Road, Fulham, London SW6 4SE

Barbecued bavette


When Daniel, Maria and Otto came over for dinner when they were in London, I was pretty rushed with work and didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to prepare their dinner.

To start we had some nibbles like Spanish ham, olives and marinated feta and for the maincourse I barbecued bavette. I picked up the meat in the local Whole Foods (thank you for opening a shop in my neighbourhood!) after work together with a chimichurri rub I massaged into the meat together with some oil, before putting it on the grill. We have a gas grill so it doesn’t get incredibly hot, but I barbecued it for approximately 10 minutes on each side and let it rest before slicing it and serving it with roasted new potatoes, Mexican corn salad, regular salad and guacemole.


I prefer to make as much as possible from scratch when I cook so I’m not entirely proud of buying a ready-made rub. At least it didn’t have any dodgy ingredients in it and it tasted delicious and really lifted the meat. Next time I will attempt to make my own.


For dessert we had homemade dulce de leche icecream I had made the week before together with some shop-bought chocolate chip cookies. Again, I would have preferred to make my own, but these cookies  from Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Range were really nice. So if I have to cheat I prefer to do it this way.