Malmo: Bibimbap at Namu


There were plenty of lunches, fika and dinners with friends and family when I was back home in Sweden for Christmas and one day I got to try the fairly new Korean restaurant Namu for lunch with my friend Helena and her baby.

It was still pretty quiet in town this third day of the year but an early quiet lunch was perfect with a baby present.

The lunch menu at Namu was short but nice and consisted of three dishes; bibimbap with either beef bulgogi or tofu or a Korean wok. We both decided on the first option and very much enjoyed it!


I had mine without kimchi and kale as my stomach can’t handle it, but it was still really nice. The creamy 63 degree egg made it feel rather luxurious for a weekday lunch and the flavour of the bulgogi was spot on. We also got a bowl of soup on arrival and coffee or tea is complementary for lunch. Can’t wait to try their dinner menu next time I’m in Malmö.

Namu, Landbygatan 5, 211 34 Malmö, Sweden

New Year’s Eve luncheon


I know a lot of people think NYE is a real anti-climax, but I really enjoy celebrating it. Any excuse to dress up and drink champagne works for me!

Growing up, my parents and their friends made it special, always making it an occasion. Us children got to play with each others new toys (one NYE turned into Super Mario tournament), but also celebrate with the grown-ups, cheering with alcohol free cider instead of champagne, watching the fire works through the windows (to this day I still don’t like to go outside in the cold on the stroke of midnight), and watch the speech and the countdown on Swedish Television. It felt magical and that’s the feeling I carry with me now on New Year’s Eves with friends.

Nowadays the food make it special, and we really enjoy the Kalix roe, lobster and fillet of beef, but we have also realised that it’s really nice to do something on the day. So we prep as much as we can the day (or days, depending on the ambition) before NYE, so that we have the day free to hang out together until it’s time to get ready and cook dinner.




This year, we thought a lunch in Malmö would be ideal. We went to Copenhagen last year for lunch and although lovely it felt a little rushed. But, it turned out, no restaurants in Malmö were open for lunch on New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s un-Swedish to go out for lunch before a big evening celebration, who knows?! Luckily, after a lot of googling, we did find ONE restaurant open for lunch so we quickly booked a table and enjoyed a nice French lunch.

La Bonne Vie is a cosy French restaurant in the middle of town, just on Davidshalls Torg, and when we arrived for a late-ish lunch the restaurant was full up. And, just like us, most guests were drinking bubbly.


The lunch menu was classic French with a few Swedish touches and very affordable. Emma and I both had the Toast Skagen with a very generous portion of prawns with mayonnaise and dill on butter-fried bread. Delicious!

Claes had the moules frites and also received a very generous portion of mussels, nice crispy fries and rouille.

We had a lovely lunch and will certainly be back this year too. Thank you for staying open!

La Bonne Vie, Davidshallstorg 7, Malmö, Sweden

Skybar, Malmö, Sweden


Finally Malmö has a bar with a view. Sure, Malmö is a pretty small city (although the third largest in Sweden) but it has some impressive landmarks that are a real treat to view from above.

Skybar is located in the same hotel as Eatery Social, on the 24th floor, so after our taco dinner we took the lift upstairs to take in the view.


We were there a Monday evening and it was buzzing, which made us wish the bar was a bit bigger. But what’s there is good; the view, the cocktails, the service and the ambiance.


But it’s worth coming here for the view alone. It’s pretty great. So good that they’ve printed a funny hash tag to the loo window.


Sky Bar, Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live, Dag Hammarskjölds torg 2,
211 18 Malmö

Dinner at Eatery Social, Malmö, Sweden


Malmö has changed a lot lately. For the better, I might add. The area near the Central station which was all bare before now hosts the new addition Malmö Live; a cluster of three modern looking buildings just by the river containing a new four star hotel, a conference centre and a new concert hall.

I really wanted to try the restaurants, both from patron chef Marcus Samuelsson. Eatery Social is the larger fun one on the ground floor serving tacos and the likes.  Kitchen & Table is more formal (and a lot smaller) and shares the top floor with the popular sky bar. But even though I visited the hotel twice, I went Eatery Social both times, so Kitchen & Table will have to wait.


Javing been twice to a restaurant in the space of two weeks I feel I can certainly give a fair review. The first evening I was here with Emma and Claes and we started the evening with a mojito each in the outside bar. Good cocktails!


We were all extremely hungry and soon ventured inside to find our table and order something quickly. We agreed on the nachos with chorizo and it was so delicious we order another two plates of it.


We also shared a quesadilla la nina, which I thought was quite bland. After that it was all about the tacos.




The scallops and mango ones were good but the mango took over a bit too much. The chicken and refried beans taco was actually not nice at all, but the flank steak taco was delicious!


We were still a bit peckish (I said we were hungry!) after all that and ordered a serving of crispy sweet potato fries with spicy mayo. es8

Finishing the meal we decided to share two puddings; the churros with chocolate crème and cream cheese ice cream and an ice cream cone with three flavours (coffee, coconut and berry sorbet). Sadly none of them were amazing but we all liked the coffee ice cream and the churros.

I may sound very critical of the place, but I’m not. For the type of restaurant and what you pay it’s a nice place. OK, I would be really happy if the reworked the chicken taco but some other dishes were really nice; like the nachos with chorizo and the flank steak tacos.


The second time I came here was a busy Friday night and we were a table of 14, something I don’t recommend. We had all pre-ordered the food but it arrived bit by bit so we couldn’t all eat at the same time and ordering drinks was confusing too. This time Emma, Claes and I shared our favourite dishes from our last visit (chorizo nachos, flank steak tacos, sweet potato fries) and were really happy with the food. But some of the other dishes, like the seabass for two looked really nice as well.

All in all I think this is a great place. It’s not fancy but fun, bustling and good value for money.


Eatery Social Taqueria, Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live, Dag Hammarskjölds torg 2, 211 18 Malmö

Brunch at Salt & Brygga, Malmö, Sweden


The weekend before last I went home to Southern Sweden for a wedding. It was my childhood friend Tobias who got hitched and it was so much fun seeing him and his Malin say I do and dance the night away with old friends. To make the most of a weekend at home I had brunch with my parents, my bestie Emma and her husband Claes the next day in Malmö.

We went to a restaurant in the West Harbour called Salt & Brygga. They have new owners and have recently started doing brunch we thought we’d check it out. Instead of a buffet (that’s the usual way for brunch in Sweden) it was table service and instead of a big menu they had a set thing on the menu. First vanilla yoghurt with homemade granola then a plate with an array of brunch items (like a smorgasbord on a plate).


We had scramled eggs and bacon, roasted new potatoes, sauerkraut, prawns, mozzarella salad, sausages, brie, melon and parma ham. And nice baguette on the side.

I prefer this to the buffet setup as you don’t have to queue and deal with other people’s mess, yet you get to sample different foods. It felt nice and fresh and the food was well cooked.

Salt & Brygga, Sundspromenaden 7, 211 16 Malmö, Sweden

Dinner at B.A.R., Malmö, Sweden – one year later

My first evening in Sweden before Christmas I spent with dear friends. First lunch with my bestie and then we gathered a bunch of friends in her and her husbands’ flat for some bubbly and snacks before going out for dinner at B.A.R.

Almost the same group of people went to this restaurant the year before as well, so it was fun to go back and compare. We were even seated in the same area and had another lovely evening with fantastic food, great wines and lots of laughter. Thanks guys for lovely get together!

The food so, was just as nice as the previous year. For some it was a bit strange to eat lamb’s heart but I think everyone enjoyed it in the end and I thought the dish was splendid.

2014-12-20 19.53.38

But we started with their nice sourdough and beautifully whipped butter.

2014-12-20 20.09.44

The first course was cured pollock with celeriac. It was nice and a fun take on different textures.

2014-12-20 20.47.30

Next up was the lamb’s heart which was incredibly tender and thinly sliced. Mine was served with beetroots, capers, Jerusalem artichoke crisps and fresh horseradish.

2014-12-20 20.47.46

The others had their hearts with red cabbage and crispy kale and that was a lovely dish too.

2014-12-20 21.16.16-2

The pork with baked heritage carrot, red onions and lingonberries was very tasty and quite filling.

2014-12-20 21.42.17

The wines we got recommended with our meal were as nice as the food, and this peppery red (La Stoppa Trebbolio Rosso 2012) we were served with the pork was especially good.

2014-12-20 22.23.00

The pudding was similar to last year’s but I liked this one better; the salted caramel sauce with thyme was amazing! When photographing the dish my friend Tobias suggested I should be in the picture too, so I made him take a selfie of us! My friends thought I should continue to be in the pictures, but I prefer to showcase the food on its own, but occasionally I can post a picture of myself too.

2014-12-20 22.23.38 HDR

B.A.R. Malmö, Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3, 211 48 Malmö, Sweden

Dinner (and boule) at Boulebar Malmö, Sweden

2014-12-26 18.21.32

On Boxing Day two of my best friends had organised a boule tournament at Boulebar Malmö and since I often miss larger gatherings like this because I live abroad I was very happy I could attend this time. Although I’m not very good at boule, I had a lovely time.

We played for 90 minutes and had our own little tournament going on four lanes. Before and after we mingled at the bar and we also had dinner here after the game.

2014-12-26 19.24.57

 The winning team!

2014-12-26 20.24.21

I really like the concept at Boulebar; that you have boule lanes, a bar and tables to eat at all under one (big) roof.

The food had a French theme (no surprise there) and the menu we all had included crunchy baguette with dips (aioli, tapenade, oil  and Dijon mustard) to start, chèvre chaud with beets, moules marinière and steak with frites and bearnaise butter.

The bread and dips were a great way to start the meal, the chèvre chaud was really nice, the mussels well cooked but could have had more flavour and the beef was very tender and nice. My only issue is that it wasn’t enough for us hungry people. If there would have been more baguette to start and more frites with the beef (one little basket is not enough for six people to share) we would have been very happy. More meat would not have gine amiss, but considering what the menu cost I wouldn’t expect anything more than some more carbs that frankly don’t cost much. We should have asked for more though and were too shy to, and that is entirely our own fault.

Boulebar, Drottningtorget 8, 211 25 Malmö