Gotland: Lauters wonderful café on Fårö



Driving around the small island of Fårö, looking for sustenance (it was lunch time after all), I spotted a pretty driftwood sign by the road pointing us in the direction of Lauters Café.


I think it epitomises the island perfectly with it’s ruins, makeshift furniture and laid-back vibe.


You could play boule, have a siesta in the hammock or even a massage.


Or have lunch. Which is what we did.


Mum and dad had the sandwiches to your left with cooked brisket and mustard, and I had one of the wraps in the foreground with smoked salmon, horseradish and rocket.

Simple food, but very well prepared. There was also a huge lunch buffet serving lots of salads, sausages and pancakes for pudding. That was too much for us though, but we couldn’t resist something sweet to finish off our lunch.


The traditional saffron pancake, typical for Gotland.


With dewberry jam and whipped cream of course. To my mother this is a little piece of heaven, and this one in particular was amazing. The best one either of us had ever had.


We also had to have a cardamom bun and it was equally amazing. I think this might be my new favourite café.


The kind of café I wouldn’t mind owning one day. Set in the beautiful countryside, a place to have good food and just hang out.


Gorgeous, isn’t it?!


And the best part, was definitely having that saffron pancake in this milieu; among the ruins.

Lauters Bar Mat Café, Fårö Lauter 1993, 624 66 Fårö, Sweden

Dinner (and boule) at Boulebar Malmö, Sweden

2014-12-26 18.21.32

On Boxing Day two of my best friends had organised a boule tournament at Boulebar Malmö and since I often miss larger gatherings like this because I live abroad I was very happy I could attend this time. Although I’m not very good at boule, I had a lovely time.

We played for 90 minutes and had our own little tournament going on four lanes. Before and after we mingled at the bar and we also had dinner here after the game.

2014-12-26 19.24.57

 The winning team!

2014-12-26 20.24.21

I really like the concept at Boulebar; that you have boule lanes, a bar and tables to eat at all under one (big) roof.

The food had a French theme (no surprise there) and the menu we all had included crunchy baguette with dips (aioli, tapenade, oil  and Dijon mustard) to start, chèvre chaud with beets, moules marinière and steak with frites and bearnaise butter.

The bread and dips were a great way to start the meal, the chèvre chaud was really nice, the mussels well cooked but could have had more flavour and the beef was very tender and nice. My only issue is that it wasn’t enough for us hungry people. If there would have been more baguette to start and more frites with the beef (one little basket is not enough for six people to share) we would have been very happy. More meat would not have gine amiss, but considering what the menu cost I wouldn’t expect anything more than some more carbs that frankly don’t cost much. We should have asked for more though and were too shy to, and that is entirely our own fault.

Boulebar, Drottningtorget 8, 211 25 Malmö