Brunch at Salt & Brygga, Malmö, Sweden


The weekend before last I went home to Southern Sweden for a wedding. It was my childhood friend Tobias who got hitched and it was so much fun seeing him and his Malin say I do and dance the night away with old friends. To make the most of a weekend at home I had brunch with my parents, my bestie Emma and her husband Claes the next day in Malmö.

We went to a restaurant in the West Harbour called Salt & Brygga. They have new owners and have recently started doing brunch we thought we’d check it out. Instead of a buffet (that’s the usual way for brunch in Sweden) it was table service and instead of a big menu they had a set thing on the menu. First vanilla yoghurt with homemade granola then a plate with an array of brunch items (like a smorgasbord on a plate).


We had scramled eggs and bacon, roasted new potatoes, sauerkraut, prawns, mozzarella salad, sausages, brie, melon and parma ham. And nice baguette on the side.

I prefer this to the buffet setup as you don’t have to queue and deal with other people’s mess, yet you get to sample different foods. It felt nice and fresh and the food was well cooked.

Salt & Brygga, Sundspromenaden 7, 211 16 Malmö, Sweden

Salt & Brygga in Malmö, Sweden

The last night in Sweden Daniel and Maria treated us to dinner at a cosy organic restaurant in the West Harbour in Malmö.

Although I used to live in Malmö before I moved to London I have actually never been to Salt & Brygga before. A shame, because I really liked the place! But it is still going strong after 10 (!) years, so I think it will be around for a while longer so I can come back.

The menu is based on local seasonal produce and they are, we later learned, quite fond of garnishing the food with edible flowers.

They offer an a’la carte menu but also three set menus, with the dishes from the a’la carte but a bit cheaper, so if you know you are having three courses, I highly recommend one of the set menus.

Out of those, all four of us chose the same one, the meaty option. It would be nice to see a set menu with bort fish/seafood and meat, but it was either or here. We were still happy though, meat lovers as we are.

The starter was spickeskinka, basically locally cured ham that is quite salty. It came with a smoked cheese creme, red and yellow beetroots, an egg yolk creme, caviar and fresh horseradish. It was very nice, but trying a bit too hard. The smoked cheese didn’t taste enough I thought, and the salty caviar was not needed with the already salty ham. The beets were perfectly cooked and went nicely with the dish and I really liked the egg yolk creme as well. All in all a good dish, but keeping it simpler could have been even better.

The main course on the other hand was pure perfection. Three types of meat (cutlet, leg and sausage) and perfectly cooked. The sausage had a nice earthy taste of cumin and almost a bit spicy. I say almost, the other three agreed that it actually was spicy… Nice, anyhow. Served with all the meat was a carrot purée (will have to try this at home), girolles and pointy cabbage, a jus and the most wonderful deepfried goat’s cheese (beautifully soft and creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The dessert was a homage to crispy rhubarb with buttermilk sorbet, a lovely vanilla-flavoured creme, petit strawberry meringues and cardamom jelly. The latter was redundant as it didn’t taste much of anything, but a nice idea though.

All four of use really enjoyed the lovely meal in the relaxed restaurant. A Monday night in Malmö is always quiet, but still the restaurant was half full – definitely a good sign.

I would dare to say this is one of the best restaurant in Malmö, and it is well worth a visit! Thank you Daniel and Maria for a lovely evening with excellent food and wonderful company!

The last picture is of the Turning Torso, the landmark of Malmö.