Busy week and a long weekend in Sweden!


Last week was short for me as I managed to take Friday off work. Such a treat! But it meant the work week was really busy. But in a good way. When you feel efficient and in control.

One evening I met up with my friend Malin who was in town from New York, and we had a lovely dinner and catch-up at Granger & Co in Chelsea.

On Thursday I had a quick drink at a colleague’s leaving do before going to the airport and the south of Sweden.


I had a lovely four days there visiting my parents and it was just wonderful. The weather was amazing (like summer!) and we had barbecues and ate lots of berries and ice cream and just took it easy.


It was such a needed break for me and good to catch up with my dear parents, as it’s been a while since we saw each other. There’s lots on Instagram from my weekend away but I will post some new recipes here soon to. Stay tuned…


Dinner at Granger & Co, Notting Hill


A Friday night after work my friend Caroline and I met up for dinner in Notting Hill. Although living fairly close-by I don’t spend enough time here, so this was a step in the right direction. We hadn’t booked a restaurant so instead tried our luck in the queue at Granger & Co (where it’s first come first serve) and since we we’re happy to sit at the bar we only had to wait for ten minutes. Amazing.

We ordered a cocktail each, celebrating the end of another work week, Caroline with a margarita and I with a perfect bellini.

Then the food followed. Wonderfully crispy Korean fried chicken with tender chicken in the middle for Caroline – so yum, especially as they had a little spice!


I had the grilled squid with rocket and coriander, and of course a little spice. Simple but nice!


Then I had the shrimp burger that I have heard Caroline rave about a few times, and it hit the spot just like I knew it would. Just as satisfying as a beef burger but a little lighter. Can’t wait to have it again.


Caroline’s main course was really drool-worthy though, and even though my burger was great I did have a little food envy of her chicken and pancetta meatballs with pasta and spinach in a lovely soothing broth with heaps of parmesan.

As usual we skipped pudding (we were way too full) and instead headed to a nearby pub for a few more drinks.

Granger & Co, 175 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SB