Recipe: pizza bianco with prosciutto, figs and Cambozola


Another pizza from our pizza making evening in Sweden and another hit all around. The combination of sweet and salty and creamy always works and this pizza with (mother’s homegrown!) figs, prosciutto and blue cheese was no exception!


I realise blue cheese is sometimes an acquired taste, BUT don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I used cambozola here which is rather mild, and only a little of it as I didn’t want it to overpower the sweet and juicy figs – merely complement them!

Pizza bianco with prosciutto, figs and Cambozola, makes 1 pizza

1/4 pizza dough 

flour for rolling

2-3 tbsp creme fraiche

1/4 buffalo mozzarella, torn into smaller pieces

100 ml grated Präst cheese (mature cheddar works too) 

3 slices prosciutto, torn into a few smaller pieces

2-3 figs, sliced lenghtways

40 g Cambozola, broken into smaller pieces

sea salt and black pepper

Roll out the dough with the help of a rolling pin on a floured surface. Place the rolled out pizza base on a parchment paper covered baking tray. Spread out the creme fraiche on the pizza base. Divide the mozzarella and the grated Präst cheese. Add the ham and figs and distribute the Cambozola. Season. Bake in a 220C (200C fan) oven for 8-10 minutes, until the base is crisp, the cheese has melted and the whole thing is golden brown. Remove from oven and cut into slices. 



Recipe: burrata with figs and prosciutto


Fresh figs everyday. A Mediterranean dream or reality in the south of Sweden? The latter. I know people think we have polar bears walking the streets (not true!) but Sweden in the summer is often warmer (and less humid) than the UK, at least in the south where I’m from. And in my parents’ garden we have peach trees and fig trees bearing fruit each year.

The two weeks I was in Sweden earlier this month we had fresh figs every day. So many in face we had to come up with various ideas of how to eat them. This starter was one of the winners and it’s a simple assembly job with no actual cooking required. Perfect for a summer lunch or to start off a more casual dinner party. (Yes, it goes perfectly with rosé.).


Burrata with figs and prosciutto, serves 2-3 as a starter

1 burrata

4-6 fresh figs, washed and cut into quarters

6 slices prosciutto or other cured ham

2 handfuls rocket or mixed salad leaves

nice olive oil

balsamic vinegar

salt & black pepper

Take the burrata out o the fridge a good hour before you need it so it’s not fridge cold. Take a serving plate and cover the base with rocket leaves. Place the burrata whole in the middle of the plate and arrange the ham sliced and fig quarters around it. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Season well. 

Baked stuffed figs with mascarpone, walnuts and chocolate

To end that Italian inspired meal I have been going on about all week, we served Baked stuffed figs with mascarpone, walnuts and chocolate from that lovely book I have been going on about all week too – Bringing Italy Home by Ursula Ferrigno. I was more inspired by it than anything, so below is my adaptation with a few changes. It went perfectly together with the vin santo we bought at Harrod’s a while back, but almost any dessert would.

This is nevertheless a nice way to end a meal, with pimped up fruit. It is lighter than most creamy dessert despite it contains both mascarpone and chocolate and I served it with whipped cream.

Fyllda ugnsbakade fikon med mascarpone, valnötter och choklad, serves 4

Adapted after Ursula Ferrigno’s recipe.

8 fresh figs

75 g mascarpone

40 g walnuts, chopped

1 tbsp vin santo

100 g milk chocolate

1-2 tbsp single cream

Wash the figs and cut off parts of their bottoms so they can stand up. The make a cross almost all the way down to open up the figs. It is in this opening we put the stuffing.

Mix mascarpone with wine and walnuts. Stuff the figs. Bake for 10 minutes in 200C.

Melt the chocolate while the figs are baking, and mix with the cream. When the figs are done, place two on each plate and spoon chocolate on top. Serve with lightly whipped cream.