London: relaxed brunch at Rail House Café


Another restaurant to open in the new development by Victoria is, Riding House Café, cleverly calling this branch Rail House Café.

I love the original restaurant on Great Titchfield Street, as much for it’s wooden interior and cosiness as for the food. This new restaurant is all modern with large glass windows but is still cosy in the same way.

I came here a while ago with my friend Daisy for brunch one Sunday and it was so lovely I would happily go back every weekend. The interior is really relaxed with sofas as well as proper tables, inviting you to take it easy and not rush. We had coffee and a proper brunch dish each. Daisy went for an avocado toast with additional poached eggs and crispy bacon, whereas I chose a version of Eggs Benedict but with crab cakes instead of ham.

Both dishes were really well executed and lovely, and really substantial. Such a great brunch spot!

Rail House Café, 8 Sir Simon Milton Square, London Victoria SW1E 5DJ


Eating NYC: breakfast at Balthazar


Not jet-lagged at all while in the US, we actually overslept breakfast at the hotel every single morning and had to find breakfast elsewhere. An easy feat in New York, but also a little bit tricky if a donut from Dunkin’s (they’re everywhere!) doesn’t constitute breakfast in your opinion. One day we just happened to walk past Balthazar and decided to try our luck. We got a table straight away. A small one in a corner. But still, we were hangry and breakfast was near so it was perfect!


I had my favourite egg dish; Eggs Benedict, and this was a great version. More rustic than The Wolseley’s but almost as nice. And in my ravenous state I loved the addition of the fried potatoes. Sinead had a lovely omelette, also served with fried potatoes, so we were both very happy with our menu choices. An hour and breakfast here put us in a good mood for the rest of the day. I would still like to try the breakfast at the hotel as it seemed great, but that’s for another trip.

Balthazar, 80 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

Breakfast at The Chelsea Quarter Café, Chelsea


I really should start a survey comparing London’s Eggs Benedicts. It is my absolutely favourite breakfast dish both at home and out. When I’m not sampling Eggs Benedicts I usually go for a croissant on the go. And yes, my breakfast choices are super healthy.

These eggs from The Chelsea Quarter Café on Kings Road were perfect. Consisting of a slice of toasted sourdough with proper ham (not the pressed version – shudder), perfectly poached eggs and bright yellow hollandaise they were a delight to tuck into.

The worst Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had was at Bluebird Café, also on Kings Road, which I didn’t expect at all since the restaurant is really nice. Hopefully the café chef was just having a bad day but that was a terrible breakfast; cold eggs, cold hollandaise and not very nice flavours. Shudder indeed.

The Chelsea Quarter Café, 219 Kings Road, London SW3