London: Trinity years later

Most of  you long time readers will remember that I used to eat at a restaurant local to me in Clapham when I lived around there; Trinity, A LOT several years ago. I loved that restaurant so much. I had the best ever risotto there and their bread is to die for. I’ve taken most friends there, my parents and have many happy food memories from this lovely place.

But as I moved a way from the area I got other good local restaurants to try out and I didn’t make it back. Then it was closed for refurbishment for a long time and a while ago now it opened up its doors again, with an additional more informal restaurant upstairs, and they got a Michelin star for the downstairs restaurant.

So pretty much everything has changed, but I was still very curious to go back and try the new Trinity (still with head chef and founder Adam Byatt at the helm) and see how it compared to the restaurant I forever keep in my memories.


What I noticed first was how the space has changed. The address is the same and the building looks the same from outside but the layout inside is very different with an open kitchen and a more austere decor. It’s more modern and a little less cosy. But I definitely like the open kitchen!

The dining experience has changed too; from a semi upscale neighbourhood restaurant to more of a fine dining experience. But it’s still not stuffy, which I like, and the waiters are all lovely and relaxed while keeping it professional.


We got two amuse bouche to start and they were both delicious! The little tartlets with pea and parmesan were utterly delicious and the little cigars with olives were nice too!


The menu has changed too, from three courses to an optional four, but we asked if we could do three each (as I know how full you get here!) and stagger them as we were sharing everything. It was no problem at all, so we shared a first course, two second courses, two third courses and one pudding! That was the perfect amount for us (I was sooo full!) especially with all the added things like amuse bouches and petit fours. I could only take tiny bites of the last sweets which felt like a waste!

But back to the savoury dishes. The tuna tartare with apple and almonds was really lovely. The fish was just perfectly cooked and the mellow flavours accompanied it really well.


Next we had pasta with langoustines and petit pit which was really nice, but it tasted completely different to how I had pictured it in my head. More earthy than light. But still nice.


The warm Norfolk asparagus with smoked beurre blanc (we went here before the summer so it was totally seasonal!) however was the star of the show. Please put this back on the menu next year and I’ll be there! LOVED it! We both did.


For the third course we had one of the specials which was the glazed lamb sweet breads with more petit poi and lardon. Really nice!


But this was the winner! Wild sea trout with cucumber and white burgundy. Such delicate lovely flavours. Love!


And for pudding we had another cracker; their salted caramel tart with salted caramel ice cream, because there is no such thing as too much salted caramel. And wow, it was AMAZING! Just perfect in every way.


We also had a nice bottle of British wine which I think it’s worth telling you about. I love getting introduced to interesting wines in restaurant and this was was quite different but so lovely (and at a good price too!).


Then the petit fours came pouring in and I had to take a little breather. We were so slow but also greedy and wanted to eat it all. Lovely little almond cakes.


As well as macarons and truffles. So generous and although I’m sometimes too full to fully appreciate them I love these little extra touches. You feel so well looked after and it elevates the dinner a lot!

So the verdict? I like both old and new Trinity. I’m sure I will be nostalgic about old Trinity for quite a while, but I like this new version too. And I can’t wait to try the upstairs bit which might be similar to the old vibe as it’s supposed to me more casual. Only one way to find out! Race you there!

Trinity, 4 The Polygon, Clapham, London SW4 0JG

Bistro Union, Clapham

Last Saturday I had the most wonderful day with my friend Gaby. We met at Bistro Union in Clapham and had a fab lunch, when looked in a few shops on the way to the V&A for the Ballgowns exhibition.

Bistro Union is situated on the very cosy street, Abbeville Road in Clapham, and it is run by the team behind Trinity (often mentioned on this blog) and head chef Adam Byatt. Both Gaby and I had high expectations, but were seriously impressed.

The interior is simple with lots of old details and we found it very charming. The menu looks like an old school notebook and offers fabulous treats for not much money at all. We decided to try quite a few of the snacks to make up our meal but we are definitely coming back for a full three-course meal.

Lovely flavours in the chicken liver paté with toast.

The best sausage puffs we’ve both had, and I’m usually not even that keen on English sausages. Which says a lot.

Asparagus served with hazelnut sauce and savoury creme. An unusual but welcome combination of flavours.

The pickled mackrell with onions, sour cream and chives took me back to Sweden for a moment – delicious.

Ham terrine with homemade piccalill. I liked the terrine but the piccalilli was rather too sharp and overpowered the pork.

Rabbit and pea spread. The slight sweetness of both rabbit and green peas really worked together.

The couple at the table next to us were really enjoying their icecream so I had to try it too. This is honeycomb icecream (divine), served in a jar.

Gaby and I both really enjoyed Bistro Union and we will definitely be back soon. The food was gorgeous and we liked all the little details in presentation. It is probably the most recession-friendly restaurant for its guests too, as the prices are very modest without compromising on the produce. To illustrate this, I can tell you that our bill came to only £39 for the two of us, including everything above, a soft drink, a glass of wine, a coffee and service charge. Seriously good value for money.

Bistro Union

40 Abbeville Road


London SW4 9NG

Tel: 0207 042 6400

Friday update

Friday again, my favourite day of the week. This week has been fairly quiet, due to the holiday coming up I think. I am suddenly aware of how tired I am.

After a weekend away it was nice to relax at home this week, but at least I have had time for baking and cooking.

We’re off to the cinema tonight. For the first time in our part of London, Clapham, and I am ashamed to say that we have lived here for over a year now. We have been to the cinema in this year though, not often, but a few times, but usually we go straight after work in central London or to see obscure (no, not really) Swedish films that only the arty cinemas show.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Trinity for the tasting menu to celebrate dear Gaby’s birthday. I am tres excited about that, haven’t been to Trinity for, let’s see now… 3 months. That is too lon! We don’t have to cook at all this weekend as we are going for dinner at our friends Jess and Chris on Sunday, and on Monday we’re eating out again, at St John this time, to celebrate my birthday.

Have a nice weekend guys!

Trinity once again

On my dad’s birthday we took mum and dad to Trinity for their first time. We settled for starters and mains as we were going back to ours for coffee and a cake I prepared in the morning.

The weather was amazing and the glass doors were all open so it feels like you’re both indoors and outside at the same time.

Mum chose a terrine of confit of chicken, ham and leek with a prune sauce for her starter.

Dad went for a crab soup with crab ravioli and loved it.

Christopher and I both chose the pig’s trotters with crackling, capers and fried quail’s eggs. Delicious!For her maincouse mother chose skate wing with new potatoes and asparagus. Mum said it was the best seasoned fish she’s ever had.

Dad was a bit disappointed with his wood pigeon as it was rather dry and. Typical on his birthday and everything, but he enjoyed the rest of the meal.

I was very pleased with my choice: slowcooked bavette with triple-cooked chips, bone marrow and bearnaisesauce. I do love my meat. 🙂

Christopher chose the lamb which was similar to the lamb salad I had last time we went. But he got more meat, and unfortunately less wild garlic mayo (which is heaven). The meat was lovely and tender though and he certainly enjoyed it.