Friday update

Friday again, my favourite day of the week. This week has been fairly quiet, due to the holiday coming up I think. I am suddenly aware of how tired I am.

After a weekend away it was nice to relax at home this week, but at least I have had time for baking and cooking.

We’re off to the cinema tonight. For the first time in our part of London, Clapham, and I am ashamed to say that we have lived here for over a year now. We have been to the cinema in this year though, not often, but a few times, but usually we go straight after work in central London or to see obscure (no, not really) Swedish films that only the arty cinemas show.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Trinity for the tasting menu to celebrate dear Gaby’s birthday. I am tres excited about that, haven’t been to Trinity for, let’s see now… 3 months. That is too lon! We don’t have to cook at all this weekend as we are going for dinner at our friends Jess and Chris on Sunday, and on Monday we’re eating out again, at St John this time, to celebrate my birthday.

Have a nice weekend guys!