Rösti with Kalix roe, creme fraiche and red onions


The combination of caviar, red onions and creme fraiche is a real classic for us Scandis, so much so it features in two subsequent posts here on the blog. The cheaper lumpfish roe or salmon roe can be found in most supermarkets in the UK but my favourite roe is the bleak roe from Kalix in Sweden. It’s just delicious and I import a few packs to keep in the freezer on most trips to Sweden.


It’s best served in a simple way to enjoy the produce the most, like with rösti, red onions and creme fraiche. Last time I had this was just a regular Friday when I was staying in and felt like treating myself both to the roe and a glass of bubbly (since it’s such a wonderful combination).

Happy Friday all!


Frittata with asparagus, spinach and cheddar, topped with creme fraiche and lumpfish caviar


This frittata bursting of spring greens and new potatoes is a new favourite of mine. I added some sharp grated cheddar to reduce the sulphur-y taste fried eggs, which I’m not a fan of, but you can omit the cheese if you prefer although it does make the frittata a little creamier. Topping the frittata with crème fraiche and lumpfish caviar is very Scandinavian but it works really well and makes the dish feel a little lush.

Frittata, serves 4 as a starter/light bite, serves 2 as a main course

200 g cooked new potatoes, sliced

6 asparagus stems, cut into 2-3 cm large pieces

100 g spinach

a knob of butter for frying

3 eggs

a splash of milk or cream if desired

50 ml grated sharp cheddar

salt & pepper

To serve:

crème fraiche

lumpfish caviar

Pre-heat the oven to 180-200C. Bring water to the boil in a saucepan and cook the asparagus fir 2 minutes. Drain. Beat the eggs in a bowl (and add a plash of milk or cream if desired), season. Heat up some butter in a oven-proof frying pan (no plastic handle) and wilt the spinach. Drain the excess water and add a little more butter. Add the potato slices and asparagus pieces and fry for a minute on high heat. Add the beaten eggs and lower the heat to medium. Let the eggs set at the bottom, scatter with grated cheddar and place in the oven for 5-10 minutes until the just set.  

Leave to cool for a few minutes, cut into pieces and serve with crème fraiche and caviar. 

Cooking at the meetup

After touring the countryside looking for good produce we returned to the hotel and the kitchen. We put our aprons and chefs’ hats (oh la la) on and got cooking divided into groups. One team made three different amuse bouche with different shell fish such as crayfish, langoustines and mussels. The all male team cooked the first two courses, one team cooked the fish for the main course, my team made bread and tomato jam to go with cheese and one team took care of the pudding. We also had a vegetarian team creating all their own dishes.

We also got a lovely drink with blueberry vodka and blood oange juice to stay hydrated while cooking, then moved on to beer and wine.

My team mates, Helena (left) and Kim (right).

The amuse bouche team consisting of Gun and Emmy

A whole kitchen filled with bloggers!

Maria (left) is making pudding while Sofie (right) is frying the cod loin for the main course.

Gun and Anki

Amuse bouche x 3: 1. crayfish tartare 2. Langoustine on rye bread with dill mayonnaise 3. Mussels with butter, garlic and spring onions

Magnus, Håkan and Calle

Helena and Charlotta

Malin, Sofie and Lotta

Girolle soup with celeriac creme

Blinis with Swedish löjrom (caviar), creme fraiche and chopped red onions

Perfectly cooked cod loin with onion puré, marinated onions and lardons

Locally sourced blue cheese, bread and tomato jam

Tarte tatin with thyme, honey brittle and vanilla icecream

Our waiters and chef; Dennis, Thomas and Marcus

Thanks for a lovely weekend all!

Fast food my way

When I have a limited amount of time to cook supper, especially if it is just supper for one, then this is what i usually make.

It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish and I find it delicious. I always have potatoes, red onion and creme fraiche in my kitchen, and roe most of the time too. Because caviar is so salty it keeps in the jar for quite a while in the fridge, so it is easy to have some at hand.

All you need to do is to peel those potatoes, grate them and melt some butter in a frying pan. And how good does that smell?! – melted butter. Yum. Then place little heaps of the grated potatoes in the frying pan, flatten them with a spatula and season a little. Wait until they’ve browned on one side before turning, so place a dollop each of caviar and creme fraiche on your plate and chop half a red onion. Now it is time to turn the rosti and you let them brown and crisp on the other side too. Sprinkle on some more salt and pepper and as they’re done, transfer to your plate and enjoy.