Sunday supper at home in Sweden

A few weekends ago, I went home to my beloved Skåne, to meet food bloggers and see my parents. The Sunday was the 40th (!) wedding anniversary of my parents and we celebrated it quite low-key with good food and wine at home.

To start we had fried scallops in saffron sauce. Mother had found these big and juicy scallops which we fried rapidly on very high heat to caramelize. The sauce is almost a soup and absolutely wonderful. Some raw chopped shallots gives texture and some heat.

As a maincourse we had a really nice fillet steak, cooked in three different ways to accomodate everyone. Served with baked potato rounds, a mushroom sauce with cognac and dijon mustard and steamed vegetables.

In apple season, tarte tatin is wonderful. I have tried quite a few diffrent versions, but the best one I have come across is this recipe courtesy of brilliant Rick Stein. It suggests cognac but this time we used armagnac which worked just as well. (Even better, according to mother).


Cooking at the meetup

After touring the countryside looking for good produce we returned to the hotel and the kitchen. We put our aprons and chefs’ hats (oh la la) on and got cooking divided into groups. One team made three different amuse bouche with different shell fish such as crayfish, langoustines and mussels. The all male team cooked the first two courses, one team cooked the fish for the main course, my team made bread and tomato jam to go with cheese and one team took care of the pudding. We also had a vegetarian team creating all their own dishes.

We also got a lovely drink with blueberry vodka and blood oange juice to stay hydrated while cooking, then moved on to beer and wine.

My team mates, Helena (left) and Kim (right).

The amuse bouche team consisting of Gun and Emmy

A whole kitchen filled with bloggers!

Maria (left) is making pudding while Sofie (right) is frying the cod loin for the main course.

Gun and Anki

Amuse bouche x 3: 1. crayfish tartare 2. Langoustine on rye bread with dill mayonnaise 3. Mussels with butter, garlic and spring onions

Magnus, Håkan and Calle

Helena and Charlotta

Malin, Sofie and Lotta

Girolle soup with celeriac creme

Blinis with Swedish löjrom (caviar), creme fraiche and chopped red onions

Perfectly cooked cod loin with onion puré, marinated onions and lardons

Locally sourced blue cheese, bread and tomato jam

Tarte tatin with thyme, honey brittle and vanilla icecream

Our waiters and chef; Dennis, Thomas and Marcus

Thanks for a lovely weekend all!