Best burgers in London – updated!


It’s National Burger Day today (apparently) and a good opportunity, I thought, to update this old post about the best burgers in London.

I’m sticking to my division of thin and coarse/thick patties. I like both, but at different times.

Reading this post made me realise that Soho Diner still hasn’t opened its doors since the refurbishment (?) and I miss their burgers terribly… Sob.

Thin patties:

  1. Shake Shack – This is burger perfection in my world. Thin crispy but not overdone patties, the best burger sauce and those lovely soft but almost chewy buns.
  2. Bleecker Burgers – A very close second to Shake Shack. The patty is nice and thin and pink in the middle, the buns good and the dressing lovely, only thing I don’t love is the fries.
  3. Sophie’s Steakhouse – Great burger, tired fries.
  4. Meat Liquor and Meat Market – This used to be favourite before I discovered Soho Diner and before both Shake Shack and Bleecker had opened (in London). Oldie but a goodie.

Coarser and thicker patties:

  1. Dirty Bones – Really nice burger, but would have preferred a slice of cheese instead of the cheesy sauce.
  2. Tom’s Kitchen – Close second! Great burger, well seasoned, perfectly nice chunky chips and plus points for making their own ketchup!
  3. Bar Boulud – Also very good, but a bit crumbly.
  4. Opera Tavern – The mini burgers with pork and foie gras are still phenomenal!

Note: I haven’t yet been, but I could bet money on that Dip & Flip would make this list.

London’s best burgers – a selection

soho diner 2

The fast food trend is here to stay it seems as more and more burger joints and restaurants offering American food establish themselves in London. I love a good burger and having sampled a few I thought I’d share with you my favourites.

There seems to be two types of burgers, one with a coarser ground beef that I like to call British or chunky, and one with thinner more finely ground patties that for me feels more American. I like both types but if I have to choose I prefer the thinner ones that usually comes two in a bun. They hold together better in my opinion and feels juicier (as long as they’re cooked right).

You find my favourites in each category below:

Thin patties;

  1. Soho Diner – My absolute favourite. Nice bread, fresh condiments, perfect patties and perfectly melted cheese.
  2. Sophie’s Steakhouse – Almost as nice as the ones at Soho Diner.The fries aren’t great but the burger is very good!
  3. Meat Liquor – This used to be favourite before I discovered Soho Diner. They’re still a good contestant.
  4. Honest Burger – Good beef and buns and wonderful rosemary fries.
  5. Five Guys – Really good for being a chain. A bit messy though.

Coarser patties:

  1. Tom’s Kitchen – Without a doubt the best coarser burger. Great seasoning, perfecty cooked. Nice chunky chips and plus points for making their own ketchup!
  2. Bar Boulud – Also very good, but a bit crumbly.
  3. Opera Tavern – The mini burgers with pork and foie gras are phenomenal!
  4. Joe Allen – They only serve burgers for lunch, but they’re good. Just like their skin-on chips.
  5. Byron – Another chain, with fresh burgers. I also recommend the courgette frites.

New York: Great burgers at Burger Joint

Going to NYC without having a burger is just not an option, so I did some research and although I found quite a few good ones, we only had time for one this time. Will save the others for next trip (there will be a next trip!).

The place we did have time for is called Burger Joint, a small restaurant within a glamorous hotel. The restaurant (not the rest of the hotel) has writing on the walls and feels quite grunge, reminding me of London’s MeatLiquor and MeatMarket.

The menu is very short and not very elaborate. You can choose a burger, witho or with out cheese, decide how you want it cooked and what toppings you like. They also have fries and drinks but that’s all.

I had a rare burger with cheese and the works( mayo, mustard, pickles – really nice, lettuce, tomato, onions etc), a coke and some fries.

The burgers weren’t massive ones, instead they were a good size and really tasty! The patty was juicy and full of flavour, the brioche style bun soft and buttery and that’s all you need really, apart from the toppings. The pickles were homemade and really nice and fresh, also very thin slices which I prefer. Hands down it was the best burger I’ve had.

Burger Joint
Le Parker Meridien Hotel
119 West 56th Street  
New York, NY 10019

Best burgers in town – Meatliquor

On Thursday Kristin and I met up in the insanely large queue outside probably the most popular restaurant in London right now; Meatliquor.

We were standing in the queue for a whole hour and a half before we finally were seated in the restaurant. It was even snowing as we were outside and we were so so cold, although as soon as we got into the restaurant we warmed up quickly.

The interior is rock chic with a modern painted ceiling as well as some Victorian decorations. It is dimly lit, with good music playing and the ambiance is very laid back.

Because of the large queue we expected the staff to be really on the ball to seat everyone and turn the tables around quickly, this was not the case however, we saw several empty tables before it was our turn to sit down. But as soon as we ordered the food the service improved.

Our cokes, served in the old style glass bottles and with an old jam jar as a glass, arrived instantly and short there after the fabulous chicken wings we shared as a starter. They were succulent and juicy with crispy skin and a nice spicy sauce, served with homemade blue cheese dressing. Yu-um!

Shortly after our burgers, fries and slaw arrived on a large tray. Kristin went for the green chilli burger and on close inspection we noticed there was a lot of crushed chilli in it. I chose a traditional bacon cheese burger and loved every bite.

The buns were soft and held together well, not like the dryish ones you get in some places. This was quite buttery as well, bioche style. The burger it self was lovely and rare in the middle and proper grilled on the outside adding a lot of flavour. It was seasoned well too. The bacon was nice and crisp and underneath the burger were large pieces of gherkins and dressed lettuce.

The fries (skinny ones) were ordinary, but still perfect because they were freshly cooked and very crispy. Also the slaw was nice, not too greasy, instead fresh and crunchy with carrots and white and red cabbage.

It is safe to say that we will come back, and I urge everyone to pay this place a visit. But try to go either at lunch time (they open at noon) or early or late evening.

Oh, I almost forgot. The price. We almost got a shock when we saw that the bill only came to £30 for the two of us; it felt like we had eaten more than that. But it was accurate. We’re certainly not complaining!

74 Welbeck Street
London W1G 0BA