London’s best burgers – a selection

soho diner 2

The fast food trend is here to stay it seems as more and more burger joints and restaurants offering American food establish themselves in London. I love a good burger and having sampled a few I thought I’d share with you my favourites.

There seems to be two types of burgers, one with a coarser ground beef that I like to call British or chunky, and one with thinner more finely ground patties that for me feels more American. I like both types but if I have to choose I prefer the thinner ones that usually comes two in a bun. They hold together better in my opinion and feels juicier (as long as they’re cooked right).

You find my favourites in each category below:

Thin patties;

  1. Soho Diner – My absolute favourite. Nice bread, fresh condiments, perfect patties and perfectly melted cheese.
  2. Sophie’s Steakhouse – Almost as nice as the ones at Soho Diner.The fries aren’t great but the burger is very good!
  3. Meat Liquor – This used to be favourite before I discovered Soho Diner. They’re still a good contestant.
  4. Honest Burger – Good beef and buns and wonderful rosemary fries.
  5. Five Guys – Really good for being a chain. A bit messy though.

Coarser patties:

  1. Tom’s Kitchen – Without a doubt the best coarser burger. Great seasoning, perfecty cooked. Nice chunky chips and plus points for making their own ketchup!
  2. Bar Boulud – Also very good, but a bit crumbly.
  3. Opera Tavern – The mini burgers with pork and foie gras are phenomenal!
  4. Joe Allen – They only serve burgers for lunch, but they’re good. Just like their skin-on chips.
  5. Byron – Another chain, with fresh burgers. I also recommend the courgette frites.

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