Stockholm: fika at Mr Cake



On the top of my to-do-list for the long weekend in Stockholm was, of course, fika. And not just anywhere, but at a recently opened café by Roy Fares, incorporating American pastries with Swedish fika.

It’s a concept that totally works, and it’s nice to find things like American pancakes on the menu, as well as deliciously looking doughnuts and more traditional Swedish buns.


We came here on the Sunday morning, rather late as I’d had to work a bit, and after a chaotic few hours it was so nice to sit in the sunshine and enjoy our (very) late breakfast. We had some bread rolls with ham and cheese, American pancakes with maple syrup (so yum), smoothie, juice and of course some sweet pastries.


The piece de resistance here is definitely the red velvet croissant. And it’s utterly amazing. Imagine flaky pastry filled with the cream cheese frosting on a red velvet cake. It’s butterly, sweet (but not too sweet), flaky and creamy all at the same time. Yum, yum, yum!

We also shared a rhubarb and strawberry custard bun with crumble on top that was lovely, but nothing could beat the hybrid croissant of dreams. This place is a must for anyone visiting Stockholm.

Mr Cake, Rådmansgatan 12a, 114 25 Stockholm, Sweden


American breakfast pancakes

When five of my girl friends came for brunch on Sunday, I treated them to nice bread rolls, oeufs en cocotte and american pancakes with maple syrup. The pancake recipe is from Nigella’s book How to be a domestic goddess, and they are delicious. Serve with maple syrup (mandatory) and crispy bacon (optional).

American breakfast pancakes, serves 6

225 g plain flour

1 tbsp baking powder

a pinch of  salt

1 tsp sugar

2 eggs, beaten

30 g melted butter

300 ml milk

butter for frying

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Beat the eggs in another bowl and add to the flour mixture. Add the milk bit by bit and lastly the butter. Transfer to a jug and fry in butter until golden on both sides. Serve with maple syrup and maybe crispy bacon.