Nights in, cosy weekend and finally nailed a recipe!


September’s last week gave us nice weather, at least a few of the days.


I stayed in on Monday evening, finished the book The Glass Ocean by one of my favourite authors and two others (it’s fiction but based around the true story of the RMS Lusitania that was sunk by German submarines during WWI) and had a chicken burger with cheese and grilled peppers for dinner. Proper comfort food!


On Tuesday I had a caprese salad with burrata for lunch while it poured down with rain outside. But towards the evening it was nice again so I decided to do some errands.


Wednesday was nice and sunny, and fairly warm for September. I worked as usual in the day and in the evening I finally nailed the recipe for my lasagne. It was so so good, and we both loved it (as you know I don’t cook elaborate or time consuming things just for me anymore).


The next day I had lots of work errands during the day, but stayed in in the evening, lighting candles and eating crisps. Yum!



On the Friday I went down to The New Forest for work and when I came back tired in the evening I had the ultimate indulgent supper for one; baked camembert! Which I ate while watching Saturday Night Fever. Love that there are so many old films available on Netflix!


Saturday I had a nice long lie-in, tidied my wardrobe, did errands (they never end do they?!), bought lots of fun makeup, had a very late lunch out on my own and then a late sushi dinner with two friends. So lovely! Especially since we’re practically neighbours and could walk to and from the restaurant together.

Sunday I took it super easy. Read in bed, had lasagne leftovers for dinner and watched another (old) film; The Terminal with Tom Hanks. Really good!



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