The Stonhouse, Clapham

Although I tend to go out eating all over London, I sometimes neglect my own local area, Clapham. I am a fequent visitor to two lovely restaurants, Trinity and Tsunami, but other than that I don’t eat out locally much, which is a shame really.

A few Fridays ago I met up with Laura after work, who also lives in Clapham, and we decided to meet up somewhere local for a drink and some nibbles. A pub I really like is the Stonhouse, it is non-pretentious but nice and I have never been disappointed there, although I probably didn’t expect the menu to be quite as good as it was, as I’ve only had burgers here before.

We ordered tosted focaccia that arrived on a board with bith green tapenade and balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The green olives where not pitted and lovely and buttery. We just couldn’t stop eating them. The chips were nice too, chunky and crispy yet fluffy in the middle.

But the best nibble for me was without a doubt the baked cheddar pannacotta which arrived warm with a tomato chutney. The texture was slightly firmer than a regular pannacotta, but the cheddar flavour was lovely and a good pairing with the chutney.

Sometimes this is all you need after work; some tasty nibbles, a (large) glass of wine and a chat.

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