Tsunami, once again

On Friday, Emma and Claes arrived in the afternoon so they went for a walk while I finished work and afterwards we went home to mine to leave the luggage and have a pre-dinner drink (recipe to follow) before going to Tsunami for dinner.

I know I have written about this place before, but I am still impressed, and that’s why I want to share this meal with you.

We were rather (understatement) hungry when we arrived, so we ordered a starter each to share. The first starter to arrive was my choice of yellow fin tartare with a quail egg yolk on top. I have had this before and it was just as nice this time around. The presentation is wonderful as is the flavours of roe and wasabi.

Next up was Claes’ choice, and also the best starter for the evening; deepfried prawns with the most luscious sauce! Safe to say we finished that sauce off with our little spoons.

Emma’s choice was a warm starter – perfect before the sushi – and she went for the peri peri yaki tori. The chicken scewers were very moist and the soy based dipping sauce added some heat. Lovely!

When it was time for the sushi, Emma and Claes had some pretty high expectations, thanks to me raving about it, but the sushi did not disappoint. Quite the opposite – the two talked of nothing else the whole weekend. 🙂 We started off with ten pieces each and had tuna rolls, snow crab rolls, spicy tuna rolls, tuna and avocado rolls and ebi fry rolls.

We then ordered another few pieces each of the two we all liked the most (the ones I always eat here as well); the spicy tuna rolls and the ebi fry rolls.

We also had two bottles of a crisp Italian chardonnay, which left the bill at a very reasonable ~£120, service charge included, for the three of us.

I have been to Tsunami quite a few times now, and when they keep deliver like this, I’ll be back again and again. To me this is the perfect neighbourhood gem; great food, nice presentation, (very) reasonable prices and relaxed staff.

5-7 Voltaire Road
London SW4 6DQ

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