Sushi – oh how I love thee

I have a great friend. Her name is Gaby, and she is the one who introduced me to Trinity (thank you!!) and Tsunami – my favourite sushi place. Both within walking distance from home. We met up for some sushi at Tsunami on Thursday and the whole day I had been craving it.

We had a few starters before though. I tried the yellowfin tuna tartare with a quail’s egg yolk on top. It was lovely presented in a coneshaped glass put in a bowl of ice.

Gaby had the marinated tuna, and we also shared the salt and chilli squid. With some squirted lime and the wasabi mayonnaise they were amazing.

It was all lovely, but the sushi is even better!

The shrimp tempura roll - am-a-zing!

We had the shrimp tempura roll, which is totally fantastic; the spicy tuna roll which also is wonderful and the dragon roll, which is similar to a shrimp tempura but with eel and avocado as well.

Spicy tuna roll - yu-um
The dragon roll - doesn't it look fantastic?!

I also had the scallop nigiri and Gaby chose the Japanese omelette nigiri. It was a lovely meal which we enjoyed a lot, and the sushi was just as amazing as I remembered it from last time. If you want a more thorough description of the flavours, have a look here. This time I got better pictures at least. Still used my iPhone, but daylight makes all the difference.

If you’re visiting London and want to try the best sushi ever, you don’t have to venture to where I live, because there is a Tsunami more central, on Charlotte St.

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