The Bolingbroke, Clapham

You might remember that I wrote about The Stonhouse pub not long ago, and The Bolingbroke is one of its sister pubs in the same area. It is however situated closer to a high street and seems to be packed with people everytime I go there.

I actually went here for food for the first time before Christmas, with my friend Anna. I had mussels that were really good, but I didn’t feel it was a spectacular meal worthy of mentioning here. But after being back on Saturday, this time woth my friend Sinead, I’ve had to reconsider.

I really like this place. It is laidback and cosy, the food is hearty but has some finesse, the service good but relaxed and you just feel comfortable here. We arrived around half eight in the evening and the place restaurant was full with merry people.

We ordered a bottle of wine and went straight for the maincourses since we knew since before that the portions here are huge, big enough for a big working man to survive on. Sinead chose an open pie with sweet potato, kale and barley. It was enormous and looked really good. The vegetables came in a small copper pot on the side, which was nice and cute.

I went for the stuffed rabbit with spinach and hazelnuts served with a potato fondant and carrots. The rabbit was really good, the potato fondant was ok but consisted of a little too much onions. Again the portion was gigantic, but we did our best.

After a breather we were ready to try the desserts, but one to share was definitely enough. We settled on the chocolate fondant with honeycomb icecream. And it was fabulous, the creamy centre of the fondant was just right and worked perfectly with the icecream. Yum!

I really like this place, it is exactly what a pub should be about; a cosy interior, friendly staff, hearty and good food and a decent winelist.

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