A childhood classic: semolina

Although I love most foods now as an adult, I was very picky as a child, but that was mainly because I was used to good homemade (from scratch) kind of food from my mother and grandmothers so when I started preschool I just couldn’t eat the food there, because it was lightyears away from what I was used to.

But there were a few things at home I didn’t like foodwise; fatty pork belly slices with onion cream sauce and boiled potatoes, which my parents loved and bruna bönor (baked beans, which is white beans in a brown sweet sauce) that one of them loved, so when they had this I normally got something else. Semolina. Which I always ate if I wasn’t feeling too well either.

I remember sitting on the kitchen sofa dangling my feet while mother made me semolina. It came boiling hot from the pan into my bowl with sheeps in, then I waited for it to coll enough so I could eat it and had it with a dollop of butter (in the middle of the bowl) and powdered with caster sugar.

It is so good, I still eat it like this as a grownup. Try it!

Semolina, serves 1

275 ml milk

2 tbsp semolina

a pinch of salt

Add everything to a saucepan (preferrably non-stick). Bring to the boil and let it boil on medium heat until the mixture has thickened, about 5-10 minutes, while stirring with a whisk. Pour into a bowl and leave to cool (and set slightly) for a few minutes. Serve with butter and sugar.

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