Recipe: slow cooked venison with Hasselback potatoes and cream sauce


In between Christmas and New Year back in Sweden we cooked venison one night, using a recipe from a Swedish cook who also likes to go shooting so I really trust his game recipes.

The original recipe called for elk meat but it worked just as well with venison. The cut is near or around the rump; one that needs to cook slowly to become tender. So this will take a bit of time but it’s not difficult at all and definitely worth it. The tender meat and the creamy sauce (with all the jus from cooking the meat) is just amazing. Serve with Hasselback potatoes and broccoli and tarte tatin and vanilla ice cream for dessert. So yummy!

Slow cooked venison with Hasselback potatoes and cream sauce, serves 6

Translated from and adapted after Per Morberg’s recipe in the book Morberg Lagar Vilt.

1 kg venison rump (off the bone)

salt and pepper

1 carrot

1 onion

1/2 leek

3 tbsp tomato purée

300 ml game stock

200 ml red wine

2 bay leaves

1 sprig thyme

6 juniper berries

Creamy sauce:

the jus from the meat

500 ml double cream

3 tbsp blackcurrant jelly

salt and pepper

Trim the meat and rub in plenty of seasoning. Brown the meat on all sides in a large casserole dish.

Cut the carrot and onion in large pieces. Wash the leek and cut it into large pieces as well. Add it all to the casserole dish and let it brown for a few minutes. 

Add tomato purée, stock, wine and herbs. Bring to the boil, then lower the heat until simmering and let it simmer with the lid on until cooked through (until the meat is 65-70 C in the middle), approx 45-60 minutes (maybe more). Turn the meat and baste it a few times. Remove the steak from the casserole pan and cover with tin foil.  

For the sauce: sieve the jus and pour it into a clean saucepan together with the cream. Bring to the boil and let it slowly thicken. Stir occasionally. Add the jelly and season to taste.

Cut the meat into thin slices across the grain of the fibres. Serve with the sauce and Hasselback potatoes.




Dinner at Social Eating House, Soho

2015-01-19 19.53.14

Jason Atherton has been busy opening restaurants the last few years with the additions of City Social, Little Social and Social Eating House to his earlier established Pollen Street Social.

Out of the new editions I have only been to Little Social, but a few weeks ago I went to Social Eating House in Soho for dinner with a friend from home I haven’t seen in ages. It was so much fun and since we’re both foodies we thoroughly enjoyed the food as well!

Both starters were amazing! My smoked Angus steak tartare (above) was to die for. Lovely flavours, amazing meat and loved the toppings that added different textures. Oh and the egg cream was delicious too!

2015-01-19 19.53.25

Mattias basically had a cheese fondue on a plate with warm Vacherin Mont d’Or, croutons, ham, chicory and boiled new potatoes. Utterly delicious!

2015-01-19 20.24.03

The main courses were also really nice. This slowcooked venison with date jam, kale, brazil nuts and goat’s cheese was delicious but the lamb was even better. V

2015-01-19 20.24.14

The lamb loin from Kent with neck confit, miso caramel, aubergine and mint yoghurt was pure perfection! Especially the confit was to die for and the whole combination of flavours was spot on!

2015-01-19 21.09.12

We were too full for a proper pudding (the portions here were certainly substantial) but we couldn’t resist some sorbets and icecreams. Mattias had the coconut (which tasted a bit like Malibu) and mixed berry, which was really nice. The mango sorbet I had was really good and the yoghurt icecream was nice too.

I’m a big fan of chef Atherton and his restaurants. Both I’ve been too have a very high standard of both food, wine and service. The ambiance is nice and relaxed too which is a plus. It’s just very well done. All of it.

Social Eating House, 58 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 7NR

Venison burgers with potatoes au gratin and porcini sauce

Although it is summer (or is suppose to be) it is mostly rainy and grey here in the UK, sob sob.

If this is the summer we’re having, then we need to make the most of it, right?! We did that on Sunday by enjoying a very autumnal yet delicious meal; venison burgers with potatoes au gratin, wilted spinach, parsnips and porcini sauce. It was indeed a proper Sunday supper, and because it is suppose to be summer, we haven’t had one for a while. Especially Christopher enjoyed this. He had seconds and even thirds, and when he was finished, he leaned back with a content sigh and said: We haven’t had a meal like that in a long time!

Maybe that was the reason why it tasted so good?! Partly perhaps, but the seasoning of the mince was spot on, and the mince itself, highest quality from a happy wild deer in south of  Sweden (my parents brought it over when they came to visit) was amazing.

Venison burgers, serves 8

1 kg venison mince

1 egg

100 ml milk

100 ml breadcrumbs

a good pinch of sea salt

1 tbsp game spice (i. e. juniper berries, garlic, black pepper)

some white pepper

Mix egg, milk, breadcrumbs and spices in a large bowl. Leave it for a few minutes for the bread to swell. Add the mince and mix well with a wooden fork (nothing beats a wooden fork). Shape to burgers, dipping/rinsing your hands in cold water in between each burger. Fry in butter and oil until cooked the way you prefer. As with all meat I like mine rare.

Potatoes au gratin with garlic, serves 4

10 medium new potatoes

100 ml milk

100 ml cream

2 garlic cloves

1 tbsp plain flour


black pepper

dollops of butter


Wash the potatoes and slice finely. Grease a gratin disg (10 x 20 cm) and fill it almost all the way up with the potato slices. Mix cream, milk, garlic, seasoning and flour. Whisk thoroughly to prevent lumps. Pour the mixture into the dish. Place dollops of butter on top and pour over some breadcrumbs. Bake in 200C for 30-40 minutes – until the top is crisp and the potatoes are cooked through.

You find the recipe for the sauce here, but I substituted the port for red wine this time, as I had no port at hand. We also had wilted spinach and baked parsnips with red onions )bake wedges of red onion and parsnip in the oven with oil, salt and pepper until soft).