Dinner at Little Social, Mayfair


One Saturday night in the beginning of the month I met up with a bunch of girl friends for dinner. First we went to Mr. Fogg’s (although I recommend you book first, which we didn’t , but they were kind enough to let us in anyway) and then on for dinner at Little Social, also in Mayfair.

This is another restaurant in the very large Jason Atherton empire just across the road from his first London restaurant Pollen Street Social.


Two of my friends had the cod brandade to start and although it was very well executed!


I had the crab mayonnaise with bitter leaves and toast which was very fresh and lovely.


The other two girls had the seasonal truffle risotto with a heap of shaved truffle. I must admit I had food envy but I don’t think I would have managed two courses if this was one of them. I got to taste it though and it was the creamiest risotto I’ve ever had without being too rich. It seems impossible but it was simply divine.


For mains, Gaby had the seabass BLT with fried portobello mushroom, tomato, lardon and lettuce wedge. I’m not sure the concept worked as such but the fish and mushroom were very nice.


Rowena had the lamb shank with potato purée and vegetables. Pretty as a picture and very nice.


Laura had the ox cheeks with potato purée and bone marrow ad I might have had a another case of food envy. Delicious!


Bronwen and I both had the bavette with salad and frites. I had the bearnaise sauce and Bronwen the peppercorn sauce. Both very good and the steak was delicious! Bavette (or flat iron or onglet) is definitely one of my favourite cuts.


The restaurant serves well sourced, well cooked and uncomplicated food that I like a lot. But don’t be fooled, although good ingredients comes a long way you still need skill to know how to best enhance it. Some dishes were better than others but everything was well cooked.


The service is great here too; when we arrived we were seated at a table next to the door and after only a short while our waitress asked to move further into the room because she was worried we were cold in our sleeveless dresses. We were but we didn’t think of demanding another table so it was very sweet of her to offer.

Little Social, 5 Pollen Street, London W1S 1NE

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