Malmö: lunch at the new food market


When I was at home in Sweden for Christmas, everybody was talking about the new Saluhall (food market) that opened in Malmö in November. There used to be a food market in the centre of town when I was younger but it was redeveloped around 10 years ago. I really liked the old one, although it was more like a food court than a food market, but this new one is a good mix of both. It may lack Borough Market’s charm and diversity but I’m still really impressed by it. The space is used really well and although there aren’t that many vendors everything is there; produce, flowers and nice food. And everything is of the best quality.

My friends Malin and Emma  and I came here for lunch but next time I really want to buy groceries as well.

collage ms.jpg

The three of us had completely different lunches but ate together at a shared table upstairs. Most food stalls have seating but you can sit anywhere you find an empty table.


I was absolutely starving (verging on hangry) and decided on a burger from Falafel & Burgers as I’d heard they were very good. And it was. it was rather greasy, but in a good way. Will definitely go back.


Emma had a salad from her new favourite place Holy Greens. They have some really interesting flavour combinations, like this one with melon and mint.


Malin was also starving and decided on a pizza.


Hedvigsdal only have two pizzas on there menu (cheeky!) but apparently they’re so good one doesn’t need a bigger menu. Can’t wait to try one when I next visit. And love the fact that the pizza comes in a basket!

The food market is really nice and although not bang in the middle of town it’s a short walk away from the Central Station. It’s really buzzing here at meal times so I would suggest coming early or late to avoid queues.

Malmö Saluhall, Gibraltargatan 6, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden

Bo Drake, Soho


Before Christmas the girls and I managed to fit in a dinner in Soho and we decided we wanted to try Bo Drake, a Korean restaurant in Soho. When we arrived, thinking we had booked a table but it was for another evening, the staff luckily managed to seat us at the communal table.

After some prosecco we decided to order a few different dishes to share, some from the special’s board and some from the a’la carte menu.

First up were the specials: wagyu beef sliders with truffle mayo (yum!), cheddar and red onion jelly in brioche buns (above) and  lobster baos with squid ink. Both were utterly amazing!



We also had some sweet potato fries with kimchi island (a spin on Thousand Island that really worked), and the fries were really good. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Which isn’t that easy to do with sweet potatoes.


We also had aubergine in miso which was soft, sweet and sticky. I just love aubergine in Asian cooking!


We also shared a bo ssäm; pulled pork with a bit of heat served with lettuce leaves, kimchi and dips. It’s messy but fun to make the little parcels and the flavours of the meat were really nice.


The last dish of the evening was the smoked bobo chicken with a sticky glaze, sesame seeds, spring onions and spicy mayo. Also very nice!

The food at Bo Drake was great and I would happily go back. Initially the service was good but as the restaurant got busier it became quite slow, leaving a little room for improvement but I otherwise like this cosy place a lot.

Bo Drake, 6 Greek St, London W1D 4DE

Burgers at Patty & Bun


There are plenty of burger places (joints sounds so American!) in London, it seems we just can’t get enough of it. And although I have a few favourites I never want to miss out on a good burger.

My friend Ro took me to Patty & Bun by Liverpool Street station one Sunday and although this place is a chain (albeit a small one), the burgers are really good.

The few times I’ve eaten here I’ve always had the same burger, Ari Gold, served with cheese and an amazing chilli mayo. The burgers are seriously messy to eat but very good. The bun is a brioche-style bun, that I prefer, and the fries are skin-on, also a plus in my book!

Patty & Bun, 22/23 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7PD 

Sushi lunch at Bota Sera, Split, Croatia


My dear friend and travel companion Gaby loves researching and it was thanks to her efforts we found this sushi restaurant in Split. It appears sushi is more fine dining than take away here and it was certainly the first time I ate sushi on a linen tablecloth. Very pleasant! We also had an amuse bouche (lovely tuna paté with crostini) while waiting for our sushi to be prepared.

The restaurant we went to is called Bota Sera, overlooking one of Split’s many (pebbly) beaches.


We chose four different type or rolls that we shared and they were all very nice. From left to right; salmon skin roll, tiger roll, philadelphia roll and rainbow roll.


We also tried their vegetarian spring roll which was more like a huge croqueta than a typical spring roll. It was very nice though, and I loved the honey dip with fresh red chilli that it was served with.

There are quite a lot of different food influences in Croatia, especially Italian, but it was nice to find sushi as well as I always crave it in hot weather.

Bota Sera, BAČVICE BB, 21 000 SPLIT

Dinner at Fife, Split, Croatia


When asking anyone about restaurant recommendations in Split, Fife was always among them so we had quite high expectations when we went there. It looks really cosy and was packed with people every evening we walked past.

We knew the restaurant served rustic, hearty food but I guess I still expected a little finesse which was lacking. The food was cooked from scratch and definitely OK but not much better than that.


Seriously generous portions though. This was two portions but could probably feed four.


We had the classic Croatian cevapi which was nice, but not superior others we had elsewhere.


The portion of calamari was enormous and it was pretty good, but I must admit that my own homemade one is even better and since it is such an easy thing to cook I was a bit disappointed by that.


I still think Fife is worth a visit, the atmosphere is great and it is seriously cheap here, just don’t expect anything other than decent basic home cooking.

Fife, Trumbićeva obala 11, 21000, Split, Croatia

El Bulli exhibition at Somerset House


Regardless of if you’re a foodie or not, most people recognise the name El Bulli. The world famous Spanish restaurant closed last summer but at the moment you can learn all about the concept at London’s Somerset House.

The exhibition tells the tale about how the restaurant became the huge success it was. How it all started in the 1960s and carried on through the decades. It is a modern exhibition with plenty of interactive screens and moving pictures but it also features old photographs and memorabilia.

It teaches us about nouvelle cuisine and how El Bulli implemented it into its cooking, how chef Ferran Adrià and his team planned and researched their dishes and what techniques they used. Why the restaurant is named after a dog and about future plans.


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole exhibition but the short clip about the restaurant’s last ever service in July 2012 stayed with me the longest.

El Bulli: Ferran Adrià and the Art of Food is on until 29 September 2013. Admission £10. More infomation here.

Footnote: This is not a sponsored post; I paid for my own ticket but I thought the exhibition was so interesting I wanted to share it with you.

Lunch at Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, Soho


Last week I dragged my colleague Max through Soho to try Bone Daddies Ramen Bar. We try to go out for lunch at least once a month and try different places within walking distance to the office as there is so many nice places all around us. The benefit of working in Central London.


On a small Soho side street, not far from the gay bars, you find this little Japanese ramen bar. Max immediately commented on the vibe of the place, and it is a bit hipster with a cool wall painting, loud music, tables with stools and a young crowd, but you still don’t feel out of place if you’re not hipster (like us).


The menu is quite sparse with just a few snacks to share and different types of ramen, but I like when a place does that; focus on perfecting a few dishes instead of having a sprawling menu.

We shared two of the snacks. Amazing soft shell crab with a lovely tangy dip and fried chicken that was even better. The chicken was crisp on the outside without a hint of grease and utterly succulent and tender in the middle. Divine!


I had the tonkotsu ramen as my main and received a huge bowl of pork broth with noodles, bamboo, pork meat, tea stained eggs with amazing creamy yolk and peanuts. One part of the bowl had the nuts and the other side the fried pork mince so you got two very different flavours in the same bowl – loved that. And the eggs were stunning with the utterly creamy yolk. It was incredibly rich though, and I could barely finish half the bowl.


Max’s tantanmen, also with pork was a lot milder in flavour and not as filling, so I have to try that next time. It was also served with the amazing eggs, spring onion and fried onion. bd2

With homemade soft serve icecream there is no need for any other puds. This one with yuzu was delicious after the warm (and in my case; spicy) noodles.

Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, 31 Peter Street, London W1F 0AR