Dinner at Fife, Split, Croatia


When asking anyone about restaurant recommendations in Split, Fife was always among them so we had quite high expectations when we went there. It looks really cosy and was packed with people every evening we walked past.

We knew the restaurant served rustic, hearty food but I guess I still expected a little finesse which was lacking. The food was cooked from scratch and definitely OK but not much better than that.


Seriously generous portions though. This was two portions but could probably feed four.


We had the classic Croatian cevapi which was nice, but not superior others we had elsewhere.


The portion of calamari was enormous and it was pretty good, but I must admit that my own homemade one is even better and since it is such an easy thing to cook I was a bit disappointed by that.


I still think Fife is worth a visit, the atmosphere is great and it is seriously cheap here, just don’t expect anything other than decent basic home cooking.

Fife, Trumbićeva obala 11, 21000, Split, Croatia

4 thoughts on “Dinner at Fife, Split, Croatia

  1. Decent basic home cooking is pretty hard to come by usually though. That’s why I loved Fife, and went back a second time. Better than the overpriced tourist traps I usually find myself at 😛

    1. Definitely better than overpriced tourist traps! I think the menu was just a bit hearty for a warm summer’s evening for us. But great value for money!

  2. I do love Fife but ordering all this food and calling Cavapcici Croatian classic food is wrong. The problem is that tourist don’t know what is a typical Dalmatian cosine. Instead of this hard to digest food you should order a plate of risotto (the black one if they serve) and for second grilled or cooked white fish. It costs more but at least is something you will enjoy more.

  3. Fife is definitely one of the locals’ favorite eatery in Split. It’s definitely a no frills place and the service is rough around the edges. But the food is great! You did, however, went with a wrong choice of dishes. At Fife classics include: cod stew, boiled veal served with potatoes and a tomato sauce, meat balls in a sauce, grilled fish and alike. Thanks for sharing!

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