Croatia: Split

IMG_5650After a week on board a yacht it was heaven to sleep in a real bed and have wifi access at the hotel and we certainly needed a few days in Split to rest up and explore the town. 

If you’re efficient you won’t need much time exploring Split and although there are a few things to see it is quite quickly done. But there are a few beaches to relax on (some pebbled though so choose carefully) and plenty of nice restaurants around. IMG_5653

The most famous tourist attraction is the Diocletian palace in the centre of town which apparently is one of the most well preserved Roman ruins in the world but the way it was presented with shops and restaurants all over it wasn’t amazing. IMG_5654

One thing I didn’t know about Croatia is that the cravat originates from here. There were several cravat shops around and one of them had this pretty door handle.IMG_5655IMG_5677IMG_5661

Riva (the boardwalk) was pretty but quite touristy so we tried to avoid it at times and enjoy it at times. The view out over the sea and the marina was wonderful though. That’s it from Split for now, but stay tuned for the upcoming restaurant reviews. IMG_5705IMG_5741

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