Lunch at Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden


When Caroline and I went to Flesh and Buns in the beginning of December the restaurant was fairly newly opened. Two months later it is not the talk of the town anymore but still worth mentioning to you, dear readers. 

It is the team behind lovely Bone Daddies Ramen Bar in Soho who is behind Flesh & Buns too, and I understand the need for opening up a larger restaurant. The seating area in Flesh & Buns must be at least triple the noodle bar space. It feels more relaxed and spacious but does lack a little bit of the cosy atmosphere of its noddle bar sister.

The menu at this new-ish restaurant is quite varied with a sushi section, small plates and the meat with buns section from where it has taken its name. Caroline and I both like to try new things so we decided to share a whole array of dishes:fb3

First up was a watercress salad with avocado and shiso. It was simple and fresh and the dressing fantastic. fb4

Next we tried a sushi roll as the person next to us had some and it looked really good. The shrimp tempura roll was nice and well made but sadly didn’t measure up to Yashin or Tsunami’s sushi. fb5

The pig bones, i.e. ribs, were sweet and sticky with their miso marinade and fell off the bone. One of my favourite dishes. fb6

Beef scewers with kimchi and yoghurt were succulent and tasty but not amazing. fb7

Lastly we tried some buns with duck leg, crispy skin, thinly sliced pickled beetroot and hoisin sauce. The fluffy pale buns are similar to pork buns in texture but these you fill yourself. It was nice and I like the idea of filling your own bun, but I wasn’t blown away. fb2

Compared to Bone Daddies I feel that Flesh & Bun are lacking in a few areas. The atmosphere and interior feels warmer and cosier at the former and the menu feels more put together there too.

It’s still early days for Flesh & Buns and I hope they can improve because there is definitely room for this type of restaurant in Covent Garden.

 Flesh & Buns, 41 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LX

Lunch at Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, Soho


Last week I dragged my colleague Max through Soho to try Bone Daddies Ramen Bar. We try to go out for lunch at least once a month and try different places within walking distance to the office as there is so many nice places all around us. The benefit of working in Central London.


On a small Soho side street, not far from the gay bars, you find this little Japanese ramen bar. Max immediately commented on the vibe of the place, and it is a bit hipster with a cool wall painting, loud music, tables with stools and a young crowd, but you still don’t feel out of place if you’re not hipster (like us).


The menu is quite sparse with just a few snacks to share and different types of ramen, but I like when a place does that; focus on perfecting a few dishes instead of having a sprawling menu.

We shared two of the snacks. Amazing soft shell crab with a lovely tangy dip and fried chicken that was even better. The chicken was crisp on the outside without a hint of grease and utterly succulent and tender in the middle. Divine!


I had the tonkotsu ramen as my main and received a huge bowl of pork broth with noodles, bamboo, pork meat, tea stained eggs with amazing creamy yolk and peanuts. One part of the bowl had the nuts and the other side the fried pork mince so you got two very different flavours in the same bowl – loved that. And the eggs were stunning with the utterly creamy yolk. It was incredibly rich though, and I could barely finish half the bowl.


Max’s tantanmen, also with pork was a lot milder in flavour and not as filling, so I have to try that next time. It was also served with the amazing eggs, spring onion and fried onion. bd2

With homemade soft serve icecream there is no need for any other puds. This one with yuzu was delicious after the warm (and in my case; spicy) noodles.

Bone Daddies Ramen Bar, 31 Peter Street, London W1F 0AR