Quiet week, date night and a Sunday walk


Last week was nice weather-wise and it finally felt like late spring, early summer. So lovely to walk around in a skirt without being cold!

I started the week with a night in on Monday. I watched Station 19 (a new discovery for me) and went to bed early.


The next night I was too tired to cook properly so made my favourite spinach dip and called that dinner.


On the Wednesday night I was supposed to have dinner with two girl friends but it got cancelled so I did some errands and made myself fish tacos instead.


The next day I took the train down to the New Forest for work and stayed for the day. Back in London again that evening I made my favourite fast food: rösti with creme fraîche, lumpfish roe and chopped red onions. It’s really speedy and perfect after a whole day away with trains, delays and traffic jams.


On the Friday I did some errands and stayed in with Shake Shack and Netflix. A whole (work) week at home is rather rare for me, but it was a real treat and definitely needed!


Despite the quiet week I thoroughly enjoyed my lie-in on Saturday and a morning of taking it easy. I had breakfast and chatted to my best friend for a good hour – such a treat! In the evening we had date night at Trinity and ate so many yummy things that we could have rolled all the way home.



Sunday lie-in followed by tea in bed and brunch at home with American pancakes, crispy pancetta, blueberries and obscene amounts of butter and maple syrup. YUM!


Then we went for a walk on Wimbledon Common and made friends with several goslings, a heron and some squirrels. It’s amazing how close to nature you are in London.


After our walk we did the most of the weather (it wasn’t raining) and had a glass of rosé  in a cosy beer garden before we went back home and watched an amazing wild life documentary in 3D.


I made delicious shrimp rolls for dinner and afterwards we watched the super tense film A Quiet Place. Brilliant film!



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