Brunch at Incontro, Gothenburg


Sunday was my last day in Gothenburg and I started with a lie-in while my host went for a run. Then we went to Incontro for an epic brunch.

After being seated and served with drinks it was time to queue up by the different stations and help yourself to the big spread of food.

The cold food, which we started with, consisted of lots and lots of vegetarian antipasti, a large wooden board full of cold meats, olives, freshly baked bread with truffle cream (amazing!) and big chunks of parmesan to enjoy with either a tangy orange marmalade or with a strong balsamic vinegar. (I preferred the latter). Oh, and we had smoothies too.


After a little break we started with the warm spread. Eggs and bacon, naturally, but I actually skipped the a bit too dry-looking scrambled eggs. The bacon was nice and crispy, the ribs succulent, the pizzas very good and so on.



Another break. Longer this time, and then the obligatory breakfast pancake with cream and warm blackberries.


And yet again a longer break before we embarked on icecream, hot chocolate sauce and meringues.

At the pudding table you also had pannacotta, Belgian waffles, strawberry crumble with custard and lots of pastries.

Needless to say I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.

The brunch was very good in my opinion. Sure, everything isn’t perfect when sitting on a hot plate, but the staff were great at topping up the food and changing it if it had been out for a while. Our waitress was also very attentive to clearing plates and topping up our drinks.

And it occured to me how great this place is for vegetarians. Most dishes were actually vegetarian and it was a good spread of that too. Most of the antipasti was vegetarian, same for the pasta and they also had a vegetarian pizza.

Mässans Gata 24

412 51 Göteborg, Sweden

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