Brunch at Incontro, Gothenburg


Sunday was my last day in Gothenburg and I started with a lie-in while my host went for a run. Then we went to Incontro for an epic brunch.

After being seated and served with drinks it was time to queue up by the different stations and help yourself to the big spread of food.

The cold food, which we started with, consisted of lots and lots of vegetarian antipasti, a large wooden board full of cold meats, olives, freshly baked bread with truffle cream (amazing!) and big chunks of parmesan to enjoy with either a tangy orange marmalade or with a strong balsamic vinegar. (I preferred the latter). Oh, and we had smoothies too.


After a little break we started with the warm spread. Eggs and bacon, naturally, but I actually skipped the a bit too dry-looking scrambled eggs. The bacon was nice and crispy, the ribs succulent, the pizzas very good and so on.



Another break. Longer this time, and then the obligatory breakfast pancake with cream and warm blackberries.


And yet again a longer break before we embarked on icecream, hot chocolate sauce and meringues.

At the pudding table you also had pannacotta, Belgian waffles, strawberry crumble with custard and lots of pastries.

Needless to say I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.

The brunch was very good in my opinion. Sure, everything isn’t perfect when sitting on a hot plate, but the staff were great at topping up the food and changing it if it had been out for a while. Our waitress was also very attentive to clearing plates and topping up our drinks.

And it occured to me how great this place is for vegetarians. Most dishes were actually vegetarian and it was a good spread of that too. Most of the antipasti was vegetarian, same for the pasta and they also had a vegetarian pizza.

Mässans Gata 24

412 51 Göteborg, Sweden

Dinner at Hello Monkey, Gothenburg


After cocktails at Hotel Dorsia we (all the food bloggers) continued our Saturday evening at Hello Monkey where we all had had their Monkey Combo menu.

Hello Monkey. Such a great name, don’t you think?! Great food too. And atmosphere.


The starter consisted of three different sashimis that we shared among the table. The tuna was soft and velvety and was paired with creamy avocado and crispy fried shallots.


Norwegian Salmalax (a type of farmed salmon) came with pickled ginger and shiitake mushrooms. My favourite among the three.


The mackerel came on a bed of coconut creme and had mustard pickled chilli on top. Nice although I don’t particularly like coconut.


The maincourse was again lots of different plates that we shared among us. First we had these divine shiitake mushrooms springrolls served in a lettuce leaf. So yummy! HM6

Several dips for the dumplings.


These little shellfish cakes made from tiger prawn and scallops were like most generic fishcakes, and it was a shame you couldn’t taste the scallops.


The steamed dumplings with chicken and spring onions were delicious, especially dipped in the soy sauce.


The potstickers with entrecôte (beef) and pork mince had a nice flavour too them, but the texture of the casing was rather strange and slippery.


These crispy lamb wontons were nice too, but not that special. All the different dumplings were served with vegetables (in case that doesn’t show very well) and we also had steamed rice on the side. It wasn’t necessary though, the rice, I was so full at the end of this meal.

Although some dumplings were better than others I really enjoyed this meal. Everything was tasty, nicely presented and well timed for such a large group. The restaurant is cosy and really buzzing on a Saturday night. If I lived in Gothenburg I would definitely eat here a lot.

Hello Monkey, Magasinsgatan 26, 41118 Göteborg, Sweden

Dinner Chateau Beirut, Gothenburg


The first item on the agenda for the meetup was drinks at Kim’s followed by dinner at Lebanese Chateau Beirut on the Friday evening.

We all had a set meze menu with twelve different dishes, some of them real classics like hummus, stuffed vine leaves and baba ganoush but also a few interesting ones like the creamy tuna dip (delicious) and bulgur wheat falafel.


Stuffed vine leaves


Paprika and garlic dips


Belly dancing


Tabbouleh and tuna dip

The food was really good and authentic in flavour and even the wines were Lebanese. Only downside was the dated decor and the very loud music from the speakers when it was time for the belly dancing.

Chateau Beirut, Karl Johansgatan 7, 414 59 Göteborg, Sweden

Lunch at Amanda Boman, Gothenburg


On Friday morning when I arrived in Gothenburg the sky was grey and the rain was pouring down. Much like London a few weeks ago.

Since the weather was so miserable I didn’t really want to be outdoors and suddenly I was standing outside Saluhallen, a covered food court with both shops and restaurant. Of course I went it and had a look around. I wanted something warming for lunch and settled for a bouillabaisse at Amanda Boman.

Included in the lunch was also a side salad, freshly baked sourdough, coffee or tea and three types of cakes and biscuits for afters.


The fish soup was fresh with plenty of vegetables as well as chunks of fish and seafood. The two big dollops of lime aioli made it delicious. The bread and cakes were lovely too, and really liked this little oasis in the food court.

Amanda Boman, Stora Saluhallen, 411 17 Göteborg, Sweden

Food bloggers unite!


This past weekend I was in Gothenburg to meet up with other Swedish food bloggers. Last year I met up with more or less the same gang in Ystad, and this time it was time to visit Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, situated on the West Coast.

We ate and drank a lot, did a food tour around town and enjoyed the sun as much as we could. It is such a nice idea to meet up, share ideas and network like this. A more in-dept description of the weekend’s activities is yet to come.

Lunch at Restaurang Kungstorget, Gothenburg, Sweden

When we arrived to Gothenburg a few weeks ago, it was on a Friday morning. We went to my friend’s flat and dropped our bags off and then met up with him for lunch. He was busy at work so we chose a place close to his office.

When I walked in to Restaurang Kungstorget I recognised the gold-coloured chairs and dark sofas because we went here for cocktails last time I was in town. I had no idea it was a restaurant by day and was quite surprised when the food came out looking so good. Prejudice – me?! -No.

Linus chose the meatballs served with a creamy sauce, mash and lingonberries. A plate of Sweden basically.

I started regretting my choice of salad when I saw the meatballs, but my salad with plenty of fresh prawns, egg and mayonnaise was nice too.

Laura chose fried haddock with boiled potatoes and creamy sauce. Yes, Sweden is all about the creamy sauces. A nice place with nice food, all very Swedish actually.

Restaurang Kungstorget
Kungstorget 7

Seafood feast in Gothenburg

The reason I went to Gothenburg the weekend before last was to keep my friend Laura company and show her around town as she hadn’t been to Sweden before. And the reason she went was to run the half marathon that was on that weekend, Göteborgsvarvet. One of the biggest half marathons in Europe apparently.

While she did the race I went food shopping to give her a nice feast to celebrate her efforts. Gothenburg is situated on the west coast of Sweden and that area is known for its excellent sea food so what could be better than fresh seafood and bubbly to celebrate?!

We had oysters with lemon, langoustines au gratin, radishes and avocado, cold smoked salmon, smoked prawns and fresh prawns (the cold water kind), a quiche with mushrooms and leek and bread.

Langoustines au gratin with garlic, serves 2 as a starter or for a buffet

2 fresh, raw, langoustines

3 tbsp butter

1 large garlic clove, minced

salt and pepper

Mix butter and garlic. Cut the langoustines in half lengthways and rinse. Place shell side down on a baking tray and place dollops of butter on the flesh. Put in 200C oven for about 10 minutes. Serve immediately.

Leek and mushroom quiche, serves 4-6


120 g softened butter

300 ml plain flour

1 pinch salt

1/2 beaten egg


200 g chestnut mushrooms, quartered, fried in butter and perhaps garlic

3/4 leek, finely sliced

3 eggs + 1/2 left over from making the crust

350 ml milk

200 ml grated cheese

salt and pepper

Mix the ingredients for the crust and knead together. Press it into a quiche dish and pierce it with a fork. Pre-bake for 10 minutes in 180/200 C oven. Place the leek and fried mushrooms in the crust and put the grated cheese on top. Beat eggs and milk and season. Pour it into the crust and bake for 30-40 mins until golden brown and set.