Dinner at Hello Monkey, Gothenburg


After cocktails at Hotel Dorsia we (all the food bloggers) continued our Saturday evening at Hello Monkey where we all had had their Monkey Combo menu.

Hello Monkey. Such a great name, don’t you think?! Great food too. And atmosphere.


The starter consisted of three different sashimis that we shared among the table. The tuna was soft and velvety and was paired with creamy avocado and crispy fried shallots.


Norwegian Salmalax (a type of farmed salmon) came with pickled ginger and shiitake mushrooms. My favourite among the three.


The mackerel came on a bed of coconut creme and had mustard pickled chilli on top. Nice although I don’t particularly like coconut.


The maincourse was again lots of different plates that we shared among us. First we had these divine shiitake mushrooms springrolls served in a lettuce leaf. So yummy! HM6

Several dips for the dumplings.


These little shellfish cakes made from tiger prawn and scallops were like most generic fishcakes, and it was a shame you couldn’t taste the scallops.


The steamed dumplings with chicken and spring onions were delicious, especially dipped in the soy sauce.


The potstickers with entrecôte (beef) and pork mince had a nice flavour too them, but the texture of the casing was rather strange and slippery.


These crispy lamb wontons were nice too, but not that special. All the different dumplings were served with vegetables (in case that doesn’t show very well) and we also had steamed rice on the side. It wasn’t necessary though, the rice, I was so full at the end of this meal.

Although some dumplings were better than others I really enjoyed this meal. Everything was tasty, nicely presented and well timed for such a large group. The restaurant is cosy and really buzzing on a Saturday night. If I lived in Gothenburg I would definitely eat here a lot.

Hello Monkey, Magasinsgatan 26, 41118 Göteborg, Sweden

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